new motorbiker, what bike should i buy?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by matt_savage, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. matt_savage

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    okay, so I know alot of you build your own bikes and thats really bad ***, but i just need to have something to get from point a to point b without having to tinker with it and it being temperamental on me, i wanna learn as much as i can about these machines as they've been around before cars and all, im looking for a low maintains bike with a budget of about 1000-2000, was gonna buy a car but screw it, i want to get some exercise too :)

    I heard good things from helio but im not trying to pay and pray

  2. professor

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    First, know that in our "Nanny state", nothing is legal unless it has a plate on the back.
    I bought a scrap moped for the registration and my bike is now a custom moped. If you go to the DMV website, you will see the laws. Only good thing is there is no motor size limit- just a speed / designation. The two lowest ones have NO inspection. With the plate on my bike, ridden carefully/ helmet/safety vest (I LOOK safe), I have never been bothered.
    Get a bike with dual brakes! Stopping is a lot more important than going. You may be better off with a real moped. My bike number one, pounds my body pretty bad over typical bicycle speeds, where my bike #2 has some moped stuff and rides soft.
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    I would go with an ebike too in NY, unless you enjoy evading law enforcement. Electric assist kits with hub motor wheels are usually easy to install. Use the kind of bike you are comfortable with. Mountain bikes, hybrids and cruisers all work well with electric kits. ABout the only bike I wouldn't use with gas or electric assist is a drop handlebar road bike. Get something with fatter tires and an upright seating position.
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    1000-2000 us dollors ?????
    Wow thats one heck of a budget !!!!!

    For 1000 you can build the best gas bike there is ...
    For 2000 you can built the best electric !!!!
    Pros and cons with both.... What kind or riding you planning on doing ?
    Miles per day ? Access to charging at work ? Etc...... All weather ?
  5. big kountry 75

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    Me Matt have the same idea but i want a more vintage look an a daily rider but not about the chinnese motor kits being strong enough for me have any of you guys got sugestions?
  6. V 35

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    Since your willing to spend, start off with a Worksman Bike, and have
    the toughest bike going. I went with a china Beach Bike, replaced so much stuff I wouldn't have had to if I started with a Worksman, did I save any money, sure, about $ 40 . You can order the worksman bike in your choice of colors, and options, the wheels are the toughest ones going, 11 ga. spokes, and wide enough for 'brick ' tires.

    As for the motor, the china bombs are a crapshoot, a good one is OK,
    a rattling piece of cr** isn't . The 4 stroke kits are pricey, but probably worth it, especially if you ride in traffic, and need low end grunt.

    Consider ... Kevlar Tires, big saddle, small crank sprocket, [ big one interferes with motor mounting ] , 3 speed hub, clamshell type sprocket holder [ no dangerous rag joints for me ] Double or rear double kickstand

    Engine choice ... A built China engine, or a 4 stroke

    Tack weld ... Chain Tensioner to wheelstay
    Front Gas Tank Mount to Top Tube [ prevents tank from rolling around ]

    I built a mountain bike, didn't like the handling, the longer cruiser frame tracks truer, corners better. [ I M O ]