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    My name is Dave, I live in southeast Texas. I've always fiddled with small engines and I have always wanted to put one on something that I can enjoy and not use to till the yard or Mow the grass. Now is the time, I picked up my Schwinn Chopper yesterday, I plan on using a 5hp Briggs. I had planned on going 49cc registering it insuring it and using it to get around town. After my research I found out in the state of Texas there is no way to legally drive a motorized bicycle on the street. So I plan to slap a 190cc 5hp briggs on her and cruise the back roads.

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    Welcome to the forum. You may sometimes be able to get a motorized bicycle to meet the goped specs, making them legal on the street. Check the legal forum on this site.
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    Good call from Wheelbender. Something about having footboards to be able to call it a scooter. doable to me.
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    Welcome!!! DFW area here.
    With great respect to professor (and I have gotten good advice from his posts) the deck required to call it a scooter is a problem. It is still considered a moped if you can pedal it also. The legal forum is a good place to look...I am in the process of trying to legalize my ride and you can find the thread there under texas legislation.
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    Welcome to the group ChopperDave. I just added 11" to a schwinn occ to fit my 6'1" height. I wonder if you will have to do this if you want to keep the pedals with that size of power plant. Here is an example of the schwinn occ with an extra 11" added to it. Take care, glad your here.

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