New motorcycle genre to emulate

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wheelbender6, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. wheelbender6

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    These guys in Copenhagen are building a kind of bare bones, bobber cafe racer. They started out with vintage Japanese bikes and have branched out a bit.
    I have seen a few motorized bikes in the gallery that look like a wrenchmonkee creation.

  2. give me vtec

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    nice bikes!! Are all those custom made???
  3. stealthc9

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    looks like a bunch of cafe racers to tho
  4. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    The wrenchmonkees are special order. From reading the site, one of the employees usually keeps the bikes they build without an order.
    I thought these bikes were unique because they did not have as much aero bodywork as a normal cafe racer and incorporated parts from bobbers and cruisers. One of them was a big Yamaha single.
  5. HoughMade

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    I like what they do. The style is at once unique, but comfortably familiar in a way. Aggressive, but without too much seriousness. Good stuff!
  6. Zev0

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    Some of them have some of the old Norton and BSA look.
  7. jon scott

    jon scott New Member

    This is one of my bikes based on a vintage bobber/cafe look

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  8. sparky

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    Umm.... YES, PLEASE!!
  9. robin bird

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    WOW ! that ride is cool !
  10. jon scott

    jon scott New Member

    Thanks! here are a couple of others

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  11. Hey Jon, did you paint the wheels on that red bike? If so, did you tear them down or just spray them complete? I just got a front and rear wheel for the Andian and I'd love to have them all black. The front has a drum brake but I'd love to get the all-black look like your red one. Also, did you create the fender sides for that bike? They look great!
  12. jon scott

    jon scott New Member

    painting the rims

    Yes I painted the rims, I do a lot of custom painting and effects at my job so it makes it easy to do, you can paint the rims and spokes directly as long as you scotchbrite the surface first then use a metal etch primer before your top coat any goog auto parts store should carry what you need you can still tune spokes if you need to just dont bury the rim with paint.
    I make my own skirts and tank panels from stainless steel, but you can also use 1/8 abs plastic from your handy plastic supply store easy to cut and shape and paints well! make a template from poster board using your bike frame as a guide any questions let me know! I am in the prscess of making a twin cylinder (4 stroke)motor for bikes I will keep you posted!
  13. Parah_Salin

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    These bikes are absolutely sick.

    Does anyone have experience with chopping the seatpost off and putting on a more motorcyclish seat? I think that would help with the look of our machines alot.
  14. jon scott

    jon scott New Member

    seat enhancment

    If you move the seat attachment to the very front of the seat base then add seat shocks to the rear down to the frame it makes for a very clean motorcycle look.
    oddly enough custom bike are starting to look like motorized bikes check out the world bike winners at sturgis