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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by iRide Customs, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Here is a couple of pics of what a buddy and I did today. We started tearing apart a four stroke weed eater last night just to see what it looked like and found that it might just make a good bike engine. Today we tore into it a little more and about 5 hours later we were going 30mph!! No lie!

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  2. iRide Customs

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    RATRODER Guest

    Iride, I like your retaining washer. Nice little bike. louis
  4. iRide Customs

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    LOL...It's still need to have the finishing touches done.
  5. Scottm

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    Dude, thats totally awesome, good work guys.
  6. Alaskavan

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    Nice color. Today a new member was saying that some of the people here are amazing. I said some are maniacs. Thanks for proving us both right.
  7. cruiser66

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    Wow! Some little girl will be real happy with what you did to her bike or the wife won't be happy with the weeds sprouting around the house. Nice work!
  8. moped-dan

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    Thats awesome, im using a similar setup. What are you using for the roller? Rollerskate wheel?
  9. gone_fishin

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    holy moly, iRide! wutta neat lil contraption, i love it!!

    if you have anything techie to share, and i bet you do, why not go play with the other amazing maniacs over here:

    moped-dan: they do talk about "roller technology" in that topic, too... go ahead & join in!
  10. iRide Customs

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    Skateboard wheel that we turned down to a smaller diameter to reduce top speed. I think we took about an inch off it.
  11. OldPete

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    Thumbs down.

    A child's bicycle? The most lenient of State laws requior the rider to be 15 years old, so why use a little girl's bike that only has a coaster brake?
    Posting videos of a long hair with worn out jeans riding this mistake does nothing to serve this hobby or needed transportation, depending on who you are and what your income is.
  12. larymor

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    The vice grip reminds of a mini bike my uncle built for me that I crashed was direct chain drive ( no clutch ) with a vice grip attached to the throttle cable..put bike on block..start engine..uncle runs along side till ground speed is right.. drops little nephew to the ground....little nephew(me) opens throttle wide open...vice falls off...little nephew crashes into ditch.
    The End
  13. JE

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    Cool ride dan.Hows the board tracker coming.
  14. But it's not a child riding the bike. Although sis may want to get on,I'm sure daddy would say no.
    That bike I would guess is an experiment as to what is possible.
    Those video's are fasinating!
    I want to see a video of iRide passing a mountain biker on that thing while going on a sunday ride. That would be priceless!
  15. Alaskavan

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    Most of my life is a dance between me havin fun and various federal, state, and local laws. statutes. and regulations. And I will admit to having given up some activities I enjoyed because less capable (I'm trying to be PC there) people, could harm themselves attempting to immitate me. That being said, Dan, next time you need a longhair with torn jeans to test pilot one of your inventions, I'll volunteer.
  16. gone_fishin

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    yeah, i guess it would be appropriate to say i know dan personally...imo, he didn't motorize a child's bicycle, he motorized a small bicyle for adults to have some fun on, and to further the development of ideas...did i get that mostly right?
  17. beach cruzin

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    ya thats right waching dan ride that looks like you riding my bike:lol:
  18. japat100

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  19. azbill

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    if anybody fails to see this as an experiment in progress, that is their own short sightedness
    as for how he is dressed, you would prefer 'Sunday go to meeting' clothes ? (not relevent)
    if it where a kid riding, it would be different...but, it's not
    it is a full grown person who is capaple of making his own decision to build a funny little bike
    pink doesn't do much for me :p, but it is a cool little ride
  20. OldPete

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    In rural areas one can do as they wish but within the city limits things get tight real quick. Go-peds are History here in SoCal because of inappropriatly dressed, loud piped, speeders, rampaging the locals. I do not wish to have the athorities in my town go after gasoline power assisted bicycles because of the type of contraption in the vids. No helmet, exposed flywheel fan, vice grips and the long hair comment was directed at a party animal attitude carried by most long haired head banger youngsters. I am not PC, I live in the real world and want to see a real acceptance of what this site represents. Call me an old crudmudgeon if you wish but my opinions gathered over 60 years of living won't change much.

    Please read the Hurt Report summary, noting that most motorcycle accidents happen at under 29mph.
    You guys that live in States that don't requior helmets...enjoy trying to recover from head injuries. Tain't fun to have those that love you watch the recovery, if it can even be called that. Gary Busey gives talks on head injury recovery. Google him if you think I lie.:cool: