New Motored Bike


Zomby Builder

OK I thought we each should have a place to be creative so here's my spot.

I am looking at all things without predisposed prejudice. I truly believe that any country or race can produce S**T & then turn it into something Freakin Incredible. Look at Toyota. The Chinese are no exception. I have one of their new motors. This is no Happy time.. But wait -- look here it was assembled in Utah???? By a USA citizen with Japanese & Chinese parts?? WTF?? How can this be? That's what my Union Made H.D. says on the sticker right by the serial #. So does Raleigh.......And Cannondale...........

No offense to you happy timers out there who have taken them to exceptional finish (West Coast Mopeds) & others. I'm just not that talented when it comes to motor builds.. Leave that to you pros.

There is some exceptional talent in here. Mike, Van, Dan, Auggie, just to name a few. There are more. I'm sure Orville & Wilber Wright would have joined if they could have established an IP address. They had a killer bicycle shop too.. you know.

So I am going to continue the quest. The ultimate affordable entry level motored bike that you can get as stupid as you want to with upgrades. But make it cool, so old iron butts will like them enough to buy one for the kids...
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