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    Hey everyone! I'm working on a couple of bikes here's the first, almost finnished. This is the wifes bike a four stroke honda clone on an aluminum cruizer. After all I have read and chirping noises from gearbox I'm wishing I had gone ahead and bought a real honda. Oh well live and don't learn. Buy first do research later. Oh well I hope the gears and clutch hold up for a while, at least she doesn't weigh too much. I want to put a jack shaft kit on it when they become available I was told in a couple of months. I am working on a 66cc two stroke bike for myself with a Jack shaft kit on an old specialized M2 Mountain Bike. I'm having a lot of fun:grin5:. Great forum! Thanks for all the helpfull info.


    Edit; the bike isn't named coffee roaster. It was just in another group of pictures from another hobby

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Tell..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome from Oz
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    Welcome. Nice looking bike.

    Actually, "coffee roaster" wouldn't be a bad name. It has an air of mystery about it.