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  1. Hey, everyone this is the first message of hopfully many threads. I have read some things on this forum about people in our area looking for builders of motorized bicycles. anyone interested in this look at our website

  2. LR Jerry

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    Here are my guidelines for building:

    1) Predominant riding terrain.
    2) Primary rider's physique.
    3) Lookup and read local legal requirements.
    4) Type of bike.
    5) Budget.

    Stay within these guidelines and you'll have a bike you can enjoy riding. Good luck with your build. I've got a bachelors of science degree in business. Don't sell a customer a bike as street legal unless you lookup their local laws or tell them its for off road riding only. This way you can protect yourself from being sued.
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    I checked out the SCC site at I'm intrigued by your single chain system. Can you tell us more about it? Maybe post some pictures showing other views of it? Thanks!
  4. LR Jerry

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    I looked up your site and really like your bikes. All I was saying before is be careful as to what you advertise. What may be legal in your state may be illegal in another state. Example Florida's laws state manual clutching or gear shifting can't be done after engine drive is engaged. If you're seeking national business you'll have to build to each states individual guidelines in order to keep the statement street legal. Otherwise you risk being sued for fraudulently misleading a customer if they are charged with operating an improper vehicle on a public roadway in their state.
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  5. Thank you for your reply!

    Thank you for replying to the post I was not sure if I was doing it correctly, I am in many ways computor ileterate and still learing. To LR-Jerry we appreciate your input on the legal issues surrounding the bikes, I will adress those on the website. We have had personal experiance with the local police pulling us over and telling us all we need is a DOT approved helmet. The other time we were pulled over in omaha the cop issued a ticket for failure to yield at a stop sign but it never went to court the judge threw out the case.
    Max-M thank you for the interest in the chain system, I will try to post some pictures of the bikes on this forum, but again I am new to technology and had alot of help with building the website. Do either of you build and sell bikes or just for yourself.
  6. LR Jerry

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    I've never sold bikes but have helped others to build. My advice would be to remove the street legal statement from your ad. You cannot depend on the police to always turn a blind eye. When talking with a customer ask if they intend to ride on the public roadways. Then let them know what their state will allow them to have for that purpose. Like I said before what's legal in one state may not be in another. Good luck with your business.
  7. To: LR Jerry

    Thank you for your insight on the builds to our customers we have already taken off the street legal on the website, I had not even thought of the other state laws.
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    SCC: I'm not commercially in MB building. I've built two for myself over the past couple of years. Best of luck, and it'll be great to see those pics!
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    Your web page looks really good. I really like your setup on the bikes. I would like to see them go to the next level. On my bike the rear seven gears shift automatically. The rear derailler mechanically does this. However due to the very steep hills and long grades here in Tennessee I do have to select from three drives on my crank.

    I feel you have the perfect setup for the Shimano Alfine Di2 electronic hub. It has eleven speeds that shift automatically. With scooter grade lighting, horn, speedometer/oedometer and disc brakes your bike would be legal in most states. I'd also put a tachometer/hour counter on as well to maintain scheduled oil changes and air filter cleanings. Are you using a freewheel in your crank? Also you can very the reduction drive to change the maximum speed for each state.
  10. Hey LR Jerry and Max-M, I appriciate you checking out the web site and the bikes. Max-M I will try to get more pictures up when we have some more of the bikes at the shop, we have built 2 strokes and 4 stokes we really like the geared 4 stroke set up for hills in our area. LR Jerry those are all great ideas for use on our personal bikes, the add ons to the customer sell bikes would have to stay in the area of 650.00-1200.00 range for now since the idea in this area is so new. We do not want to scare our customers off with high prices we just want more riders on the streets in our area. Although that hub you describe would be a pefect fit for that bike. I would say 95% of the bikes we have built are for sale, we try not to get too attached them.
  11. To:LR Larry legal issues?

    What are the legal issues or hoops i might run into if somone from another state might want us to build and ship a bike to them? Or anyone else who might have an idea on this.
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    If you look above you will see one company advertising a 35 mph top speed which is not legal anywhere in the US that I know of. The safest way to market to other areas would be to not make any claims over what the federal regs are for motorized bicycles and that potential buyers should check with their local laws and are responsible to do so. You can even provide a link on your site that will allow them to do so like this one here:

    Note that in the federal regs and in many states they state that there be an automatic transmission, as in this taken from the Nebraska site: "A moped is defined as a bicycle with fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power, an automatic transmission and a motor not exceeding 50 cc that produces no more than two brake horsepower at a maximum design speed of no more than 30 miles per hour." While this is generally not observed it is a written law and can be enforced potentially making you liable as your system is not automatic.

    While I see that you have a freewheeling crank it doesn't look like there is any freewheel on the motor drive which would release parasitic drag when pedaling the bike with the motor disengaged. While not everyone wants to pedal there are those that do and the ability to do so freely is a good thing.

    Also you may want to take down your phone number from your header as there are nasty bots out there looking for them and can cause you problems. If someone wants to get to you they will do so through your website.
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    I really get a lot of looks from people when they hear my bike changing gears as I'm riding along. I even had a few ideas on how your setup could be used on a tandem bike. As for the legal issues I'd print out what each state says you can operate on the public roadways. Then you can let the out of state customers know anything outside of that is for off road purposes only. Many places you deal with over phone let you know the call is being recorded. You might consider doing this as well.
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