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  1. Ikenna Ofoha

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    Hi a month ago I bought a BMP friction bike kit with one of those 35cc huashengs. I got a good top speed (around 50km/h). I used this bike as a commuter but there is to much uphill in my area ( Markham, Ontario).

    I just wanted to know is there any kit thats really reliable and can keep a top speed of 30 mph uphill?


  2. Ikenna Ofoha

    Ikenna Ofoha New Member

    New member

    Hi i have a 35cc huasheng with a BMP friction drive.
    Top speed is 50 km/h
  3. bideronit13

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    I have a Honda GXH50 and it powers up real steep hills and rides normal around 30 35 MPH up smaller grade hills. Tops out about 50 MPH with minimal motor stress. Sick Bike Parts shifter kit.
    You can check it out on my user profile.