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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by johnsteve, Jul 20, 2015.

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    not sure from pic what the dimensions are - I just did a couple magna 'great divide' bikes that went well except that the front mounts needed much longer studs that I had to make because the frame was oval

    with all the stupid decals removed, it was a nice serious-looking bike

    NOTE: these cheap bikes have a front end that looks like a suspension, but really don't do much
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    It's a steel frame but hey, it's an $85 Wally World TOY bike, the important stuff simply does not hold up, especially with engine power.

    To answer your question it's tricky to mount to an oval, a front mount will help, but you need to get it the clamp wide enough to fit the wide part of the oval, and then do a little grinding work on it.
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    just went to walmart - if an HT will fit that bike, it will have to be a slant head & an offset intake, but I wouldn't even bother with it as there is too little room for the motor

    while there, I bought a schwinn majestic which is too tight to fit a straight head, but takes a slant head pretty well
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    well then can someone please recommend a mountain bike that has a front fork and simple to mount an 66/80cc motor to it?
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    sorry, only one I've done recently is the magna great divide, but they're out of stock (I wanted to get 3 more to build)
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    thanks for the reply. Do you like this bike? What are some bad things about the bike? Does it have an oval downtube or is it another shape. Is it easy to attach a motor mount to it? how did you do it?
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    the cheap front fork did nothing that acted like shocks, but looks cool

    the front tube was almost blade shaped, but I made some very long mounting studs that worked well

    all-in-all it was an easy build & sold on 2nd day because it looked good (had to take off somewhere around 15 to 17 decals & stickers to make it look more like a bike than a circus wagon)