New N. Idaho Member! Next step, Gun rack!

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    Hi everyone! Shaggy here from CDA. Just completed my first build... Huffy Cranbrook, 66cc Flying Horse, Stock. Learned much from ya guys before and during my build! Thanks! 2 sets of motor mounts, 2 speedos, a tire, a chain, and some ****ed off nieghbors later, this thing tops out at 34mph and runs like a king!

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    So....I'm learning if it's not one thing on these things, it's another.... CDI went out @ 20 miles on my new build, fuel filter broke, 2 broken studs drilled out and re-tapped, carb replaced cause fuel valve on it cracked, new carb leaks, tried to shim out rear frame from hub so chain won't rub on frame but nut on rim holding bearings locked up so not enough thread to add washers.... lets make a bet to see what breaks next... GO!
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    I do have some ideas that might help ya all though that I haven't see yet here....Stock chain tensioner: file or sand off paint where it goes, then rough up the metal on the frame and the bracket using a metal ingraver. (vibrating thingy to sign tools and such) I also made a third motor mount using the upper bottle screw mount on seat post tube to the chain guard screw on motor. It reduced vibration by like 40%!
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    I am betting it is your exhaust that goes next because that thing is designed to fail!

    Yes, you are catching on, as I have: even though these are simple machines, it is always something. I have gotten a pretty high level of reliability but it is always something. On today's 12 mile commute home, I was cruising nicely when things just FELT WRONG. Quickly pulled into a safe stopping place and checked things out. Motor was loose! But where? All the mounts were intact. Diddled around a bit and, yep, one of the 10 mm nuts was loose. Got the 10 mm wrench out of the pocket and, after a few turns, was back on my way.

    About a mile down the road, I started losing power. Wha??? I think my needle slide rolls back a bit slowly when I get off the throttle but this was more serious. I think some kind of gunk got in the carb. Another half mile down the road and it was blown out and I was rolling good!

    Another mile down the road and I look at my lawnmower muffler: it is rollign around like Linda Blair's head in The Exorcist. It vibrates losos a half turn...hesitates and shakes....vibrates back to Once past the heavy traffic, I pedaled about a mile and tightened the muffler back when it was cool enough to handle.

    What will tomorrow bring? :)
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    That's classic! If my muffler does kick the bucket, at least it won't go rolling... I'm one of the few that put the bracket on. It really helps vibration. I've gotten used it leaking like a popped pimple. The tool box will have to take the gun racks place for now...
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    I used a self tapping screw seems to work OK, guy at the bike shop started using them on his builds, he also uses Velcro on gas tank to frame its kinda pricey I used the 3m 2sided tape its not as forgiving as Velcro for getting your tank dead nuts on, nothing worse than looking down at your tank leaning to one side!
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    Extra motor mount using bottle screw and chain tension

    1017141237.jpg 1017141239.jpg 1017141237.jpg 1017141239.jpg
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    I cut up an old blown out tube. Cut a length to fit around the top tube. Tape it in place and mount the tank. It stays put and no scratches to the paint ;-)