New NH bike safety laws

Every little bit helps, from what I read it says in part the new law requires car drivers to allow a minimum of 3 feet of when passing bicyclist.

Now 3 feet sounds like a decent buffer but what this will do, unless the way the law is written addresses it, is make it a legal car driving habit of swerving into the oncoming lane to swing around cyclists. At that moment if a head-on happens the cyclist stands a very good chance of being taken out too.

When I'm driving a car these days I frequently encounter some oncoming idiot in a car who crosses left of center to swing around something and into my lane, forcing me to my extreme right side.....god forbid a cyclist or pedestrian is there on my right.

I wonder if anybody is taught anymore that it just might be necessary at times driving a car, that you might have to actually slow down and wait until you're sure oncoming traffic has passed before swinging over to the left to go around someone or something. This is one on my pet peeves and it's not just for might be a pedestrian, UPS truck double parked or any delivery vehicle, farm equipment or whatever that might be hugging the right shouder.

I must be getting old but when I was taught to drive I learned that when you approached someone or thing slower moving from behind you had to yield, slow down and be in visual control before crossing the center line. Everyone is in such a d@mn hurry to get nowhere.
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This law will force people to slow down before they pass if there is oncoming traffic or else they'll face the 3ft rule or yellow line violation.
New Hampshire will always be a tough and dangerous place for cyclists since our geography and old roads makes for lots of turns and blind areas. Generally I think people around here are OK when dealing with cyclists as I've been riding for pretty much my whole life without any traffic problems. The only people who scare the shat out of me are the speeders whether I'm in my car or whatever. Some people around here speed very dangerously around these windy roads I'm surprised there aren't more fatalities. Mostly just cars in the ditch which I laugh at. Especially in the winter. Dumb bastids.
My hat's off to New Hampshire and the other 19 states.

Happy Valley's concerns are justified. But maybe this will be just the beginning of some long overdue driver education. Let's hope.
Geography is not an excuse where I commute. I go thought town. Neither is traffic. The cagers will pass within a few inches on Louden Rd (4 lane road thought town) after 11pm.
Maybe I'll mount a flag the sticks out 2 ft. to the left!

They have made contact twice, one if which cracked my sternum. I didn't realize how bad I was hurt till later. At least a half dozen heart attack moments! Time is short or would go on.