New Nu Vinci hubs for $275 ! (includes shipping)

HI All,

Just to let everybody know....If you are interested in the NuVinci CVT Hubs I have a number of brand new 2008 model 36 spoke disc brake model hubs / controllers available. They are Factory New and Factory perfect complete with warranty in the Factory box. Available in silver or black. The price of $275 includes shipping to the lower 48 states....Call / write if you live outside the lower 48.


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Your post indicates that controllers are available. Am I correct to assume that the controler is the shifter necessary to change gear ratios? You need the hub and controler for this to work on the bike? So what is the actual price for both items the hub and its controller?


Yes....everything is included....hub, controller, manuals, etc....Just add a rim and some spokes to have a wheel.

Everything is in Factory new / Factory sealed boxes (well except the ones I will have to open to take pics of for eBay ads....but they will be resealed and still new.

Hope this helps you.

oops $275 was for everything (hub , controller, manuals, etc).....just add spokes and a rim to have a wheel

above the Excellent mark,

I ordered 2 hubs on the 19th (8 o'clock PM mountain time), Andrew shipped on the 20th. :D I just checked the tracking number, they are set to deliver tomorrow! :eek: Andrew shipped from a professional shipper so there is no doubt they were packed very well. :cool:
It don't any better than that! Trying to lock in 2 more for the other trike I'm building.
Thanks again, Andrew

Thanks for the kind words Papa....I try to do my best in everything I do....I can't wait to hear about and see your project using the 2 hubs.....Have fun!

I received that other hub last week. Its all good. Hope you are able to get more soon.
Sorry guys,,,,, I got the last one at that great price.