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    Been researching MBs for the last three or perhaps four days (late hours and refusal to succumb to distractions have left me somewhat time disoriented). Bikes with engines have fascinated me since I was a kid (oh, so, so long ago). Haven't owned a car for about 12 years, but lately began to think walking was becoming tiresome. In as much as I flatly refuse to incur debt and deplore burdensome repetitive expenditures, an automobile is repulsive to the mind. Hence, after seeing a MB speed past while walking to town a few days ago, I began to ponder the possibilities and weigh their relative merits. Could probably get by with just a decent bicycle, but the MBs have captured my imagination. My head spins and my eyes cross after having been glued to a computer for days in pursuit of information. I haven't been eating right and I can't seem to concentrate on life's normal demands. I, I think I'm in love!:tt1:

    Though far from a grease monkey, my mechanical skills are somewhat more than insignificant. Don't know squat about bicycles, but am tired of being overtaken and passed by them as I trudge my weary way, a lowly pedestrian outcast. I have determined to fully evaluate the potentiality of the two-wheeled, single-seated beast. As a consequence of this decision and the ensuing drive to become informed, I discovered this site. My present thought relative to a first build is to utilize a Wally World 26" Huffy Cranbrook (or perhaps some other appropriately affordable foundation). Research reveals, among the more experienced practitioners, a persistent affinity favoring four stroke engines, an unabashed concession to functionality. However, as one aficionado observed, they just aren't as "sexy" as the two strokers. I confess that the image of a lawn mower engine strapped to a bicycle just doesn't jive with my self-concept. Mayhap this sense of aesthetic is to be regretted, but I ask you, would it be proper and desirable to straitjacket a man's true creative urges, sacrificing art at the altar of practicality. I invite any and all to undertake such dissuasive attempts relative to my romantic notions as to them may seem proper.

    It is now 3:40 a.m. (again). Fatigue bids me say farewell, I must retire.

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    Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you would enjoy building and riding a bicycle with a two or 4 stroke engine kit. A new department store bike will work. A used, steel beach cruiser will be more durable and work better. My cruiser is a 1976 model and many members motorize bikes from the 60s or earlier.
    I would build my first motorbike with a kit motor. The motor kit will get you on the road sooner and reduce the ammount of problem solving required. The Briggs motors look great but almost always require some fabrication or welding to install.
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    wheelbender6, thanks for the post. I live in a small rural town with no used bicycle outlets other than a high end outdoors shop at the mall. Used materials are not easily located and bring premium dollar. I can actually purchase brand new bicycles from wally significantly cheaper than old, broken down, muddy, rusty bikes from the local pawn shops. Haven't researched other potential online outlets, but I do not expect such will be competitive in terms of pricing. Four strokes sound good on paper, but two strokes are more appealing to the eye (and offer a cheaper initial investment). For those reasons, I am leaning toward a two stroke first build. If that goes okay and it turns out MBs are as cool as i presently think then I might go with a four stroke second build.

    Discovered Felt bicycles while surfing the Web this morning. As I am an old school kinda guy, their product line set me to salivating (profusely)! Oh baby, baby, would I like to use their 1903 or Chief as a foundation! I'm starting to shake just thinking about it. My cheap-old-geezer instincts are balking at the $500+ price tags, but I'm seeing visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I keep telling myself, solid, not solid and flashy. Learn the ropes first, then get snazzy and try to turn some heads. Moreover, this pursuit began as an attempt to acquire cheap, "reasonably" reliable transportation around a town wherein no location is more than 30 minutes walking distance from any other. Without discipline, I could wind up spending more on a bike than a reasonably sound used automobile (excluding, of course, license, registration, and insurance). Boy, if you put it to the pencil, it wouldn't really take a lot of insurance to pay for a Felt build would it?
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