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    Well, like the title says I'm new to this motorized bike thing. Growing up most of us put engines onto four wheeled stuff....we figured it was easier to buy motorcycles than make them....:idea:
    I got into this motorized bicycle stuff as therapy while I was unemployed...I was wanting to make a recumbent bicycle...then I found a motor and my mind has been pretty much going berserk since.
    I have bought two engines of different types and prolly six bikes and decimated four of them trying out my little welder.
    Where I live at in town is real close to a nice wide bike path, which I used fairly extensively, until I had some surgery about the first of the year that made bike riding pretty out of the question. But I'm feeling much better and am even contemplating trying to finish one or two of my projects. So I can get out and see how bad my engineering is....:shout:

    I know there is a pretty decent bike scene, but working second shift doesn't give me many Friday nights to get out, plus any evenings are usually spent at home with wife & daughter....

    I look forward to seeing all the cool stuff. I have already seen many really really great ideas and some cool stuff and good art. Some of the creativity you all have in some of these bikes is pretty extraordinary...
    So never say die...never surrender..:devilish:

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    Welcome aboard.

    Good intro post.

    Good luck and have fun.