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    Hi- names Larry, and at the age of 50 decided to go back to college. Didn't want to commute with my van 5 miles each way and I'm 70 pounds over weight so I thought "HImmmmm,,,,how about a bike?" After puffing and panting a few blocks this thought was changed to "Himmm, how about a bike with a motor for when I'm exhausted?" (Pardon the pun! ;)

    So I purchased a basket case off Craigslist, and now I'm scratching my head trying to get it operational. The theory being looking at the old one at least gives me an idea how to install a new one if I need to do that.

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a data plate on these engines so I can order parts and stuff? It seems to be a well built 49cc 2 cycle motor thats worked well.

    But I need a chain. I've got a roller chain guide on order- I counted my rear sprockets and its a 54 tooth so its for power. Found a new plug- need to find out what to gap it.

    So the quest continues- I have 3 months to get this thing operational

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    Trying to start with a ' bone ' kit is tough, sort of like learning to drive, an experienced driver can handle a quirky car, a student driver could never learn, too busy fighting quirks. You might be better off buying a complete kit, and keeping the current kit for spare parts.

    I'm lucky, I live near Pirate Cycle, they are wonderful, usually have it in stock,
    whatever it is. As for chain, the # 415 ' just ' fits, required for pirate hub / sprocket,
    BMX chain works with kit sprocket, China chain is poor quality, best to save for pedal side, even than it breaks. .025 works on most small engines. Toss the fenders, and give thought to a rack, or basket unless all your gear fits in pockets.