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  1. Tonastke

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    Hello from Ohio. I'm a Whizzer guy for sure. I don't have much time to ride them, but I have 2 of them. Both 99's. I'm a drag racer {Fords not Whizzers} but I may take one of them to the track next spring just for fun. My Dad and his brothers were Whizzer guys back in the 40's and 50's. Hope to make some new friends here!

  2. Mountainman

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    welcome -- Whizzer guy

    good to have you here on site

    have fun as you ride those THINGS
  3. Tonastke

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    childhood conversations

    Hi mountainman
    Motorbike talk was a big part of my childhood. I had go karts [homemade] and whatknot but never had a motorbike like Dad was always talking about. Dad is gone but the memories of his conversations are not. I've already learned a lot just by reading some of the threads on this site. It would be pretty cool to get one the bikes to run 50 mph thru the eighth mile. Not sure that is possible but it's a goal.
  4. Mountainman

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    if you want to hit the 50 mph mark someday -- it will be there for you
    I am almost half way with my little Robin -- 22.5 mph
    but -- I also someday wish to build a true screamer motor bike

    with your Dad's comments made to you
    reminds me of my grandpa -- long time motor cycle rider of THINGS
    he put me on my first motor bike at around 7 years old -- 7 1/2 hp -- 45 mph
    wow -- that THING was someTHING else !!!

    seems that the desire to ride can be passed through the blood
    and just from your Dad sharing the thrill of the ride with you
    you never forgot -- and now are ready to ride that THING

    you will soon see, feel and experience exactly what good old DAD was talking about

    got a couple of THINGS here that I love to ride if you know what I mean
    one of my favorites is my motor bike THING

    have fun -- be safe -- Mountainman