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    Hey all,
    Its been 5-6 years since iv been a member of this forum, i dont even remember my old username or password, or the email i used to get on.
    Little about myslef: Im 23 years old, live in the ADKs in upstate NY. I work as a marine mechanic for a small mom and pop type of shop. Mainly we specialize in vintage 2 stroke outboards, do some new 4 strokes and 2 strokes too, but mainly the old stuff :rolleyes7: . In the winter time we restore old ChrisCraft, Thompson, GarWood, Century... well you get the idea lol. Last winter we started and almost finished a resto (my boss's own boat, a bit of a pet project) a 57' Lloyd E-Class Hydroplane with a built 265 SB Chevy :devilish: , but other projects had to go to the front of the line because you cant feed a family with a personal project. I have been an avid motorcycle rider since 16, built a 66cc(advertised as 80cc) motored bike as a school project and fell in love with the little thing. I rode it for a few months in the winter and sold it to a buddy of mine in the spring because it was time for the Honda to come out. Anyway, this summer i caught the bug again, just something about taking a nice slow cruze along the lake and the looks people give you. I mean riding a motorcycle is one thing, but something about the raw simplicity of these little devils...well you all know what i mean lol. This time i built a Huffy Panama Jack with a slaint head 66cc from BoyGoFast(cheapest kit i found).

    This site has many great How-To's and specs, but the only thing i have not been able to find is proper gap for my plug. Im running a NGK B6HS. Now i know that a B6HS-10 is pre-gapped at .040????(off the top of my head but i may be wrong) but what gap should i run in my bike?

    Also, i really dislike the whole rubber smoosh puck mounting system with the 9 bolts and i lived with it till the bearing in my cheap rear hub(i mean this thing is complete trash and whoever designed it should be kicked were the sun does not shine) started to go so i want to switch to a better built rear hub/rim. Years back i had a 6 bolt (if im remembering correctly) sprocket that mounted to the hub were normally a brake rotor would go for a disc brake system. I thought that was a much better setup than some of these mount kits i see around, but my problem has been that i cant find anything that fits the bill.

    Thank you all, and i hope i can be a good addition to this forum.

    PS I WILL post some pics of my bike as soon as i get some on my computer, i know these threads are useless without pics:poop:

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    Hi welcome back!

    Did you make many posts with your old account? It is possible to recover old accounts to their original owners even if you have forgotten absolutely everything!