New Orange Moon Dog

Built an Orange Moon Dog today

Built this one today start to finish with very few problems. Rode it tonight and it was the easiest build and the one I have the most confidence in. Started with the first release of the clutch and ran like a top with no vibration, no flat bar, no drilling, both chain guards fit so I was very pleased.

Love the bike and engine it's a SF48cc and will be for sale at a motorcycle rally day after tomorrow along with my other bikes. I want to do something different with the tank though and may just put a black one on tomorrow.

A few touchups tomorrow and it will be ready to show. Notice I have a total of 4 MB's lined up in my house!

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Very nice TWalker! I like that color!
I like that ape hanger bike too!
My other bikes

I posted my bikes way back but the links don't work anymore so I'll repost including the apehanger bike.

news scan 50%.jpg PICT0008.jpg southernexposure.jpg mountainbike.jpg bike 2 trailer buddy.jpg
Thanks, the orange Moon Dog spent the day inside the convention center at a motorcycle rally, always get a huge response. It was being pinstriped and outfitted with LED for night display. That particular bike is nothing special on the forums, a typical beach cruiser build, but for people who don't know motored bikes exist it is special and it it gets more attention than the $35,000 HD sitting next to it.

Always fun stuff and even my beat up old stretch cruiser I built in 2005 is a site to see for folks not used to this stuff.