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  1. Bought one for my son in college. The bike is a 21 speed diamondback . The motor kit I am unsure of. I spent 12 hours fixing all the **** the previous owner did wrong. I came on here to show off the bike and see what motor is on it. Any help would be appreciated. I have a ton of mechanical skills to help out too.
    I custom made an idler gear because the plastic junk broke twice on the previous owner. I have a list of things I fixed and will share at a later time.
    i like a new project. The bike is running fine now.
    By double1trouble1 at 2011-09-19

    By double1trouble1 at 2011-09-19

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    Welcome to MBc, Double. Very nice re-build. Anyone would be proud to ride that MB down the street with pride and a large grin. It is clean, and slick. One thing about your post, tho...when you post pics, please load them 'with' the body of the text, rather than 'within' the body of the text. this is because when they are 'within' the text, they turn out way too large for many of our members to download. When they are 'with' the text, they show as thumbnails that will expand to the full sized picture. Here is a post by our Administrator, Loquin and a link to the whole thread started with a Tutorial from a Member, Large Philipino:

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    Good Luck and God Bless...PatrickW
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    Hey DT, The engine looks like the standard 2-stroke 66/80cc chinese bicycle engine. I say 66/80cc because in some other countries, including China, They measure the entire cylinder space. That would be 80cc. Other countries, including the U.S. only measure the cylinder space while excluding the head dome space, So here it's a 66cc. It's OK to call it either one, everyone will know what your talking about. If you need parts the cheapest place to go is e-bay. Just type in "Bicycle Engine" and you'll get a gazillion engines, parts and accessories. Some people say e-bay parts are TOO cheap. I try not to put all my money into my bikes, So I use e-bay a lot.
    Good looking bike by the way. With the 80cc you should get 35 or 40mph out of her. Just be cool and always keep the rubber side down.
    Big Red.
  4. thanks red

    I really was just wondering what vendor it might come from. I have been researching these bikes a lot just for the knowledge and like I do with any potentially profitable hobby. I have a line on a bike with a new grubee kit that needs one part. probably a 2009 or 10. Are these junk motors?
    I also have a line on a sachs moped. ride or restore. It does not run ,but if I buy it , it will. People pay me probably double when I buy this stuff , get it running and sell it in the spring. I always like to keep one around for myself or in this case, my kid.
    I really am glad I stumbled onto this site and these bikes. As the race to the bottom continues , more of us will need this type of transportation. we can be China's little biotch .