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    My first build was my cheap beach cruiser just to get my feet wet and see how this hobby goes. I have had over 1500 fun miles on the cruiser and it needed a little work. I also met my friend 5-7 heaven with his 40MPH Dragon Lady and decided to build something to try and keep up better. I like the happy time quasi-motorcycle look, and decided to go with that and a shift kit. I have a pedal commuted for years, living in Seoul and Tokyo and othe places around the world where biking made a lot of sense. So I had a 2000 Trek 4300 that I rode for years. It is a solid frame that fits me well, and has that 'old pair of jeans' familiarity. It is much lighter than the beach cruiser, has a suspension fork, and should be a very good canidate. It does have the top exposed cables, but can fix that easily. It is pre-disc brake, but I plan on converting it soon.

    I got my new zoom 80cc slant kit and twist shifter today. I can start messing with that stuff and mount up the engine when the shift kit gets here. I was very happy with the speed and packaging of the zoom kit. The black paint job is pretty bad, they missed several big spots, so I will paint it up before installing too.

    I plan on doing the regular upgrades on this motor, and will def do an expansion pipe ASAP. My goal is upper 30's, maybe even 40MPH. :cool:

    Build pics to come soon!

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Hey Ed,

    When you finish your build and get the bugs worked out, we can ride from your home to Waikiki!:devilish:

    That'll be SOME ride! If for some reason you're not up to speed, we can take the bikepath from Waipahu most of the way to town.

    I can ride to your place, then we can motor to town. The wives can follow in the van.

    Take your time.

    Maybe next weekend?:grin5:
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    Oh, I'll be up to speed :) I have no intentions of letting Dragon Lady walk away from me :)
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    Okie, got all my parts in the mail today, and got to work!

    - The handlebars and stem had a little fading/crinkling in the paint, so I stripped and painted them a nice satin black the other day.
    - The shift kit is nicely powdercoated, but the navy grey constrasted with my color scheme, and I took the time to scuff them up and paint a nice black too.
    - Got the handle bars sorted out, twist-shift on the left. The cables are exposed on the top of the tube, so I sheathed them and mounted the tank. Worked fine, still shifts and brakes :)
    - This Trek 4300 is 1 3/8 seat tube, and I got the stuff for 1 1/4, so it will take some mods to make it work. I need some bigger clamps. The great tech support from SBP already responded with directions for the mods :)
    - I got the cranks off OK, but did not have a bottom bracket tool. I had one back in the day, but have no idea where it is after years of moving around the world. So will pickup one in the am, along with the rest of my parts, and hope to ride it Friday night :)

    Here are some pics of the progress, and last weekend's beach trip so you all know what I look like too!:cool:

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  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Hey Ed,

    Good work Ed! Can't wait to see your creation.:detective:

    So you solved the gas tank location you were concerned about. That's great.

    You and Julie make a lovely couple. :grin5:

    See you guys tomorrow at the beach!

    Talk to you after work today.
  6. Hawaii_Ed

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    Wow, what a day! This build had some issues, the good news is: IT IS ALIVE!

    - I started the day by getting the bottom bracket tool, new clamps, and some other little bits.
    - Got the BB out, and it is a cassette style. SBP includes a slightly wider crank, and I guess you need it, so I wanted to put it in. :idea: My wife had a cheap bike we got living in Italy with bearings and a three piece. On :detective: the test fit it was too big. :icon_cry: But...I have an OCC Chopper for a future build, and it worked perfect! So got the cranks on. :D
    - Modified the mounts for the seat tube, everything went together easy.
    - This is a new slant engine with the wide frame mounts. The old plate I had on my cruiser would not fit the front. The engine just cleared my 1.5" tube, but it works. Unfortunately, I did scrape it a bit getting it in. :icon_cry: Can clean it up some, but it is a speed demon, not a show bike. :cool:
    - SBP includes a jump guard to keep the drive chain on the sprocket. It has to be exactly your seat post size, and you can not ride without it. Since I ordered the wrong size, I had to 'adapt' and covercome. I cut up and ground down my shimano XT front derailer to fab a mount for the guard. Took more effort than it should have, but it worked.
    - Buttoned up some other stuff,it all looked good. Double checked all my connections, and jump on for a test pedal first. In my hurry, forgot to air up the tires! Went back, got the pump, and triple checked all nuts!
    - Pedal ride went good, chain felt great, nice and smooth. I also installed the chain tensioner set up with the kit, makes it easy to dial it in. So time to give it a run! I flipped to gas, and started pedaling, and it fired right away! :cool2:
    - Of course the shift kit is a whole different world, but this motor feels so much smoother and revs so much faster than my old kit ever did. I ran it up through the gears some, went up and down, and then hit the main road for a bit. It hit 33MPH in 6th and was still going. :helmet: I :tt1: this kit and engine! It was sunset with no lights, and some traffic, so I shout it down and went home easy. :)

    So now I have just a few tweaks to do, the chain guard needs installed, clean up the wiring, move the CDI box back some, and then break it in.

    Here are some pics. The reflectors make it hard in the low light, but you get the idea!

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  7. Hawaii_Ed

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    Forgot to mention, I also went with 11 tooth sprocket over the stock 10. I tend to ride in the flat, and value speed over pull :)
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Holy Moley! What a build, and so quickly too!

    I get to see it up close, 'cause Hawaii Ed's bringing it to the beach with us today!:grin5:
  9. Hawaii_Ed

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    Spent a lot of time yesterday tweaking on the bike. The bearing cranks would not stay tight for some reason, kept getting slop, which threw out the chain alignment too. So I went back to the stock casette style. It is narrower than the sbp crank, but the chain cleared the frame. Adjusted the drive gear back as far as I can, and it all seens good to go. I also J-B welded my jump guard together. So far, so good. I met 5-7 Heaven for breakfast, and ran it down to the beach. I only have about 40 miles on the engine, so did not want to push it too hard, but did a good run at 42 MPH for a bit before backing it down. Great engine, and the shift kit is an amazing mod, it is a total different world!


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  10. nadroj

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    cool bike man. I bet that thing flies
  11. Hawaii_Ed

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    Engine is all stock for now (just a NGK plug an a wire), but do want to mod it some too, just wanted to get the drivetrain sorted. I hope SBP gets their expansion pipe in stock soon, preferably in black :)
  12. Ghost0

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    Ed, nice job on the install but I did notice that you did not assemble the chainrings correctly. The large sprocket goes outside of the freewheel flange. This increases the space between the chainrings. This will also help with chain alignment since you are using a narrower than suggested spindle.

    Don't feel bad this is a common mistake. If you have any suggestions on how to make the instructions clearer let me know.
  13. Hawaii_Ed

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    Thanks! I am going to order the right jump stop and redo it. I realized my mistake after looking at it again too :) Do many people run the narrower spindle?

    Looking forward to when you all get the black expansion pipes in stock :)

    Love your kit, it is well designed and executed :)

  14. Ghost0

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    Thanks for the compliment. Should have the pipes in shortly.

    Most people run the supplied spindle but we have had a few try and use the narrower ones. It just typically leads to chain alignment problems. But if you know what you are doing it shouldn't be a problem. Once you get the chainrings remounted I think you will be fine.
  15. EnFlaMEd

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    Wow nice build. I can't beleive the speed you are getting already. Mine stuggles trying to get anymore than 34mph. Does the slant head and 11 tooth really make that much of a difference or am I doing something wrong?! I have "80cc" skyhawk with expansion chamber and boost bottle.
  16. Hawaii_Ed

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    Took Ghost's advice and flipped the sprockets around on the freewheel, and got a lot better clearance on the frame! Had some problems with the rear sprocket jumping, and traced it back to the chain had gotten pinched one one of my failed attempts at alignment lol. Straightened it out, but this chain was the orginal Trek with 1000's of miles, so I got a new one today and it is silky smooth.

    Took it out tonight, everything went great. Was cruising at 35 easy, got it up into the upper 30's by revving it out in the lower gears. That was in 7th, gotta wind it up good to hit 8th, and there was a lot of traffic tonight. I have small-ish tires on this bike, and it is light, but I think the 11 tooth helps, I am very impressed with the slant head! It is smoother running than anything I have experienced. I certainly want to get my hands on an expansion pipe and give that a shot. I have a new regular engine, and would love to swap it in and see how that runs, but the shift kit is too much off a pain to redo it all just for a test :)
  17. give me vtec

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    very nice... the sick bikes kit is where it is at!!!
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    Had a few comments on 'no way' for 40''s with this bike, so I decided to double check the speedo. I zip-tied my GPS onto the handlebars, and they were within 1 MPH of each other :)

    Met 5-7 Heaven for a weekend ride, and we hit some of the nice Hawaii country side. Head winds do hold me back some, I could only do 30 on some parts. I had a slight tail wind on on long flat, and wound it up to 46. That was at the top of 6th gear. With an expansion pipe and some mods I might hit 50 MPH :) That was not tached out, but 35 is still the best cruising speed. I help 40 on our main rode heading back into town with no wind.

    I was also carrying a large assortment of heavy tools. I decided to weight the bike with a full tank and no tools, and I got it at 56 lbs, so I guess that is a light-weight MB too.

    I was able to keep up with the dual-engine dragon lady that 5-7 runs, but he took off on the windy parts, just not enough torque. We are planning our 100 mile around the Island loop, I wanted to be close to keeping up with him. :D

    So overall, I think this is about he best I could possibly hope for out of a little happy time kit. :devilish:

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    Man, what a ride today!:devilish:

    I motored down to meet Hawaii Ed about 16 miles west. After breakfast, we rode further west to Kapolei, about five miles away. There were nice long stretches of road. At some points, "The Dragon Lady" hit 43mph and Hawaii Ed topped 46mph.

    Ed, you can lead when there are headwinds, and I'll ride point with the tailwinds.

    Like Ed stated we're planning a 100-mile ride around the island.

    Part of the road that connects West Oahu to the North Shore is washed out. If there's a path safe enough to walk or ride our bikes we can save maybe 35 miles of backtracking.

    That part of the island is the most beautiful and picturesque. Can't wait to see it!
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    i think this winter im going to put togeather a real mb commuter with the SBP kit and disc brakes. the whole shebang, because, if your hitting 46mph with no sweat id really, really REALLY like to use gears lol