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Jul 4, 2008
Ok so I've had about a week so far of riding my bike and I am hooked. I have also experienced some of the problems that make it not such a "happy time." This leads me to a few questions:

1. Vibrations - What kind of rubber is recommended that people have added to mounts? Just a cut up car tire, that sorbothane stuff, or something else a hardware store might have?

2. Because of the vibrations my spark plug actually came out. Does anyone recommend putting loctite on the plug threads?

3. Chain rub on tire and frame. Just can't get it to miss both. Any ideas?

4. Exhaust gasket - buy a new one from a MB parts dealer, use high temp rtv, or does it make a difference without one?

Here are some better pics of the new ride, one showing my custom mount, one with my rear tire setup, and others of the complete ride. Just let me know if anymore pics are needed.

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come on guys (and gals), nothing? should I have posted this somewhere else?
Here bud

1. I use bike tube peices (not much dampin but)

2. You shouldnt have a prob with the psrk plg coming out unless the compression ring wasnt smashed in torquing it.

3.Some installs you can get away with a couple of washers for frame clearance then pitching the wheel straight to the right looking from back of bike to front in the front of the rear wheel.

4.My local lawnmower shop had mine But since I boared my Exhaust out and ported my Cyclinder the same specs as the 3 Rats motors Don had I had to go to the l;ocal marine true value hardware and get some thick gasket maker.