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    Hi everyone. I have a basic 66/80cc 2 stroke china girl stock kit on my mountain bike. I'm considering upgrading my exauhist pipe with a chrome banana high performance expansion chamber tuned pipe from thatsdax. You can see it here, near the bottom on the right side of this webpage. I was wondering what the pros here think of this upgrade. What kind of increases in performace can I expect? Will my engine run cooler or better? Will I get a boost in horsepower? Is it worth $40 in your opinion? All opinions welcome!

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    If you want to go faster, it's worth it. It's better than a Long Poo styled pipe but not quite as good as the Sick Bike parts expansion pipe. It's louder than stock, so you may need to add a silencer if you live in a neighborhood.
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    The pipes that are available are better than nothing but are from pocketbike racers with gears and so they give a narrow powerband. If you want a good broad powerband pipe then you'll have to build your own by using my plans for a torque pipe. And yes, they are louder than stock, like a nuclear explosion is louder than a firecracker. They are competition pipes and still loud as hoot even after installing a silencer. I could never abuse people on the street with a conventional expansion chamber. Sad thing is that its been known for about 30 years that letting the gas exit the pipe from the belly, and not the end of it, increases mid range power and is exceptionally quieter. People make pipes the old fashioned way because its easier to make that way.
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    Alright, thanks for the info. I will think about it some more. haha