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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Arty, Sep 23, 2016.

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    I recently completed modifications on what was called a "Fatty Performance Pipe", replacing the "banana style" pipe I had, and am I ever pleased. The header pipe is a nice piece from CR Machine. I had to extend the header and add bends etc. to get it to fit where I wanted it, and modify the outlet to fit a Phantom Bikes exhaust tip, and also added "Titanium" exhaust wrap as well as a little "creative smashing" to dent the pipe for clearance issues, but I'm happy with the results.
    The end result is a huge increase in torque pretty-much throughout the rpm range, but not much increase in high rpm. I expect this is due to the length of the header pipe - around 14 inches. I realize this is too long for better top end, but for a shorter header, I would have had to mount the pipe up high - in the leg-burning position, which I didn't want.
    Also,I was advised not to wrap the header because it would increase head temperature, but because of the welds necessary on the header pipe, I wanted to dress it up with the wrap. - To compensate for the extra heat, I am using an "X-port" finned aluminum exhaust spacer between the head and the header pipe.
    To summarize - just like it has been said numerous times before, I now have proved it to myself that your best money spent on performance mods is - better ignition, and a better pipe.
    Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the pipe before I added the extended header - but the pictures below show the finished product.


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    Very nice! Beautiful work! :)
    Is it much louder than the original pipe? (How was it set up before, fully stock or?)
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    Beautiful bike Arty!
    Nice job. hows it work? Any advantage to the wrap?

    Unless it affects the pipe's tune, wrap cannot increase the heat in the head.
    Those gasses have passed out of the cylinder. So what if you keep them warm in the pipe.
    No worries upstream.
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    Thanks guys. - I do have a lot of work in it.
    The new pipe is actually a lot quieter than the "banana" pipe I had on it, and I think the wrap actually muffles the sound a bit in the header pipe before it gets to the muffler itself, and provides a bit of insulation to help eliminate leg burns etc.. - The real reason for the wrap though was just aesthetics. - I like the look, and think it looks a bit "old fashioned", which I think suits the bike.
    The bike is not stock - shift kit, Fred Head, Walbro pumper carb, RSE reed valve, port matched cylinder, shaved cylinder and head, exhaust ports modified to prevent reversion, CR Machine windowed piston, Jaguar CDI, upgraded wrist pin bearing, new pipe etc..
    Steve - I'm really happy with the pipe - way more grunt - and I mean a lot. No increase in top end rpm (yet), but at this point I don't really care, because it has so much more torque that it could easily stand some stiffer gearing on the top end for more speed if desired. But as it is, it can easily accelerate in 7th gear even into a wind, or up a bit of a hill. I find myself in 7th (high) all the time now (after take-off of course), and looking down at the freewheel to see if it really is on the smallest cog. Riding in city traffic is a real breeze now.
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    Oops. :oops: Sorry, I must have missed/skipped/forgot you did say that it had the banana pipe before this one! :oops:

    I really like the "sound" of it! :D