New Plug wire for HT 80cc

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  1. TomMelee

    TomMelee New Member I'm moving to FL and I broke the plug wire where it connects to the plug. Looking for suggestions on where to order the replacement, or if someone has gotten excellent results with some aftermarket wire. I already upgraded the plug...would like to not have to replace that whole assembly but I bet I have to...


    Oops edit: I don't need the whole new wire. I only broke the attachment @ the boot. I see that spookytooth has 'em. I don't see that the boot itself and the wire inside are easily replaced, but I might be wrong. Would prefer to not have to replace the entire cdi assembly.
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    You do know that the plug wire just unscrews from the CDI.
  4. Pablo

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    What Ghost0 said.

    Also this is from our install manual:

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    Nope, I did not know that. Now I do. Thanks guys! You = rock.

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    I ended up getting rid of the truly horrible stock HT plug wire and boot, and replacing it with a bosch resistor lead with a moulded silicon boot - 7mm wire, inductive core, the boot is a lot smaller and when you put the screw cap on the spark plug (stock ht lead wont let you do this) it feels a lot more secure.

    The lead I bought was about 250mm long, with right-angle sparkplug boots on each end, I tore the label off (should have kept it).

    The 7mm leads are a tight fit, but they do work. Make sure you have a good contact with the screw in the CDI by measuring the resistance from the black wire (common) on the CDI to the tip of the sparkplug boot contact - it should measure about 3,000 Ohms (3K) or so. Mine was 3,300 IIRC.