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    hello! im actually living in a state where these are legal on the road now (michigan) and i just ordered a new engine today, should be here the 24th or 25th. my last bike and a NT 2 carb and a "silver banana" expansion chamber "80 cc" 2 stroke.

    i know the engines pretty well as i have disassembled my engine and carb many times but i do need some advice!

    what is a good head for maintaining low temps? the bike will be ran WOT and on woodland trails and tracks most of the time and i would like to have as few engine failures as possible haha

    what seems to be the best bang for your buck carb and expansion chamber these days?

    thanks for having me as a member of the forum (=

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    Welcome to the forum! Your answers are here, try search or the appropriate category. Have better luck getting answers in the 2 stroke thread.
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    puch 70cc hi hi or a 7cc fred head are both good for bringing down temps. the puch head is cheaper but you'll need to double up on the gaskets if you don't want to fill it with race gas, since it's meant for a different engine and just happens to work with these things. Fred heads are high quality billet heads that will outlast a dozen engines. switching to an NGK B7HS spark plug will lower operating temps as well. If you still have temperature problems then get a jet that's 1 size larger. you'll lose power unless you were already running lean, but at least you'll stop overheating.

    The best carbs for the money are those 19mm Keihin clones that you find on Chinese ATVs and pit bikes, they're around $25 and don't take much fiddling with, but do require a custom intake manifold. otherwise, a Mikuni VM16 works wonderfully with a stock-ish engine

    For expansion chambers, nothing beats a Kawasaki KX65 pipe, but they require a fair bit of fabrication and may or may not fit on your bike without modification. The next best is the Arrow Snake pipe, but at $150+shipping I wouldn't blame you if you got some sticker shock. mzmiami on Ebay has a pretty good copy for $80, but I don't like supporting his whole stealing American designs and outsourcing them to China or Puerto Rico or whatever business model.
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    Enjoy the forums! :)