New Powered Tadpole

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    i had a customer stop by today , he brought a tadpole he made and bought a freewheel and motor , with my old prototype tank /mount in one setup , he has a crank system in the middle .as you can see , he gets to be my first Ginnie pig with the freewheel insert i designed , so freewheel in the middle with motor running big chain ring down to a 22 tooth to the rear bundle , the peddle crank up front will run to the left of the tadpole the motor driving the right freewheel . 49cc Mitsubishi with e start. he will send me pics as he goes i will post them . i invited him to your thread sarvo.
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    thank you , the hard part is finding someone to make them at a reasonable cost the square tapered hole is spendy, at least they tell me . so now i made a mini home forge and melt aluminum and poor them myself , i wont clutter dave's thread but if you need one pm me and i will show you how to make one , for almost nothing .
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    I moved this here ....this new tadpole is worthy of its own thread....keep us posted.