new problem (cdi, mag)

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by sideshowsideswipe, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. haven't opened it up yet but I plan to tomorrow because just tonight as I was taking ANOTHER joyride around my hilly neighborhood it just stopped and now it won't turn over AT ALL, only one little chug for 5 minutes of hard pedalling!

    very bizarre - I checked the plug was sparking, I know the carb is all set now and I don't know whay the engine just wont turn over...I'll post up what I find tomorrrow...

  2. gone_fishin

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    let's be clear...won't turn over or won't start? "won't turn over" are some vewy scawy words, man.

    i'll assume "won't start": i've been told by a guy very in-the-know that the magneto is susceptible to moisture, check inside the magneto cover & let us know what you find, ok?

    edit: duh, i just noticed that you said you had it a good strong one? did you check at the plug wire, or the plug itself?

    to check the plug itself for a good spark, remove it, hold the threaded body to ground while someone cranks for you.
  3. won't turn over and it rattles as I pedal as if the engine seized up or somehthing -please don't tell me it seized up.... :shock:
  4. gone_fishin

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    what else, what else...?

    fuel evident in the line?

    throttle cable working, needle moving?

    with plug out, normal popping sound when cranking?

    and just maybe...clogged exhaust? i've seen it on 2-stroke equipment, tho i haven't heard of it on the bike motors. maybe it's time to clean your sock?
  5. ok before the spark awas working now it's not I'm going to get a new spark plug and see what happens...
  6. gone_fishin

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    an intermittent spark...ok, i revert to my first idea...check the magneto.
  7. davidsis

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    Bad spar

    Hey, check where it goes onto that little box. Screw it and unscrew it before going through too much big jobs. Also but a little dielectric greese on it.
  8. Re: Bad spar

    not sure I know what you're getting at, there doesn't seem to be anything to screw or unscrew there, just wires coming out of a black box.
  9. put a new spark plug in and it isn't sparking with the new or the old so I ordered a new magneto. I hope this one lasts longer than 100 miles... :evil: I"m REALLY pissed off.
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    wait, wait...are we on the same page here? CDI & magneto are 2 different animals...just makin' sure.
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    Nov 4, 2006
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    the spark plug wire screws into the cdi box. the spark plug boot also unscrews from the wire. sounds silly? but it's true. (this lets you replace the cable if you need a longer one) also...the spark plug boot will fail!!!! sometime when you pull off your spark plug wire, the brass guts will stay on your plug. and the little spring from inside will vanish. trust me, happened twice. thats why i replace mine with an automotive type end....available for pennies at the parts store. it also allows you to NOT have to remove the lil barrel nut from the end of the plug.
  12. gone_fishin

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    yes! srdavo is correct. checking this first is a good idea, if you still have a spark problem, look at the magneto 8)
  13. ok will check that also I just thought the CDI box was stuck closed - I haven't looked at it at all yet...
  14. the CDI is all together I just have to wait for my magneto to come and replace it. jeez - I hope I get some miles out of this thing before it breaks AGAIN... So far I have commuted a dozen times to work and It's going to hurt taking the bus again.
  15. davidsis

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    CDI box

    Hey, the spark plug end that goes into that black box is threaded, atleast mine is. Not the end that goes on the spark plug, but the other end. Try unscrewing it and screwing it back on.
  16. Cookie

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    Sideshow this is going to sound weird but it workd.....cut the boot off the spark plug wire strip the wire and put a round termanl on it (small enough to sit on the small screw end of the plug) then get a samll nut and tighten the termanal on the plug you will get a better contact ....also take off your magneto cover and use your wifes hair dryer and dry the magnito out a little belive me I live in Louisana and it is wet!! here if you bike is acting weird that might be it also if you are using the orignal plug that came with the kit they last about 100 miles then they mess up get a replacement plug. I use one that has a split fire they seem to fire hotter.

  17. gone_fishin

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    oh, yes, cookie, the splitfire plug is great...please let us know which part # you use.

    wet in louisiana? hmmm...seems i heard something like that before... :wink:
  18. when I get home tonight I'm definitely going to cut the spark plug wire down, strip it and re-attach it. I ordered a new magneto even though the one I have LOOKS brand new, I would hope that if something went wrong with it you would see a short or a burn mark somewhere on it - I think I jumped too quickly into buying a new magneto, oh well I'll wait to hear what grady has to say maybe I can get something else instead like teh retro speedo...

    thanks guys, I'll let you know what happens...
  19. Cookie

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    Well my bike has been running like an un wed muther lately so I took and pulled the magneto .......dam that thing was dirty .....cleaned it up with some acetone to cut the oil sanded the ground connection (it was a little green ) messed up the gasket so will have to make one of those soon and will try to run it tomorrow but then I thought I would check my trip meter on my bike 4,562.5 miles .....I think I need to change my spark plug that might help :oops: I thought it was the accident that made it act flaky but it may just need a good cleaning.

  20. nope that didn't do it, I stripped the wire and left extra copper hanging to make a better contact. so then I did the ol' walk with the spark pug resting on the engine and there is no spark.

    the magneto is clean and has lots of clear grease on it the spark plug boot is making good contact on both ends so does this point to the CDI or the magneto? I should order both maybe?