New project.....Boy meets scooter!!


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9:35 PM
Nov 4, 2006
Pittsburg, Ks.
I want to graft this scooter powerplant into this 20" bike frame. (this is for my buddy's son.)
My plan is to use the tail section of the scooter. then I won't have any chain alignment issues & I can still use the disc brake.
also, I want to use a 16" bicycle wheel on the front.

any ideas from my fellow gearheads?

the frame is done. I need to route the cables & wiring, attach the seat and the deck. Might even give it a coat of paint :D

That thing is way cool. There was a guy who lived in a town close by that used to sell bikes he modified in that way.

That is awsome Dave. Was that a 49cc motor? Will be curious about overall speed. What ever you do, don't hit any big chuck holes or you will be bottomed out! :)
thanks for the kind words.....
and're not funny :p :LOL:

I gave this blue scooter to my buddy last year. I think it's a 43cc??
It would pull me a whopping 18 mph. My buddy's son might weigh 60 lbs, soaking wet, so he flies on it.
The funny thing about it is.... he brought it to me a couple weeks ago to work on the carb!! :LOL:
where the heck were you when i was a kid? he looks like he's in 2-wheel heaven :D
thats great! 2cool 8) 8) looks like the boy is having the time of his life :) :) hey, whatever it takes to put a smile on their face :D