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    Hey folks, I am in the process of purchasing a used Rans Stratus XP. I am going to mount a GEBE engine on it. Has anyone here done this before? Can anyone offer tips, especially concerning

    mounting the engine
    throttle location
    working with disc brakes

    Thanks for your help


  2. ollicat

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    Anyone, Anyone?
  3. Bruce

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    How did your build turn out?? I am curious as to your rear tire size and you rim choice.
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    Yo C Ville. I GEBE ed my RANS Veleocity Squared. Different than a Stratus but mounting the GEBE sould not be to different. I ordered the gebe laced up wheel . Don't recommend using the stock wheel with the quick release. You might have a problem with clearance with the disk brake. Any way the GEBE on a bent does really well BUT there are two drawbacks that led me to quit riding the bent/GEBE setup. 1st is --My head was way to close to the engine and the noise was too much for me[both stock muffler and the expansion chamber. 2cd---The exhaust fomes will get cha good. Seems like the wide seat and my back created a area for the exhaust fumes to circulate up and around my head. other than that the V2 was very fast .With the fairing the bikes speed was 40-45 no problem with the small 28cc tanaka. Hope this helps you
    Cheers from Millington

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    Got the GEBE all hooked up and running on the RANS Stratus. All I had to do was insert some washers to spread the fork and it worked great. I used the standard GEBE wheel with 10 guage spokes. It just BARELY clears the forks but works great.

    It is a little bit louder but really not noticably so. And I don't smell any fumes at all. I am running the TLE-43. I LOVE the setup when cruising. The only thing I don't like has nothing to do with the engine setup. Getting started, especially up a hill is very challenging. If I am at an intersection, stopped, and need to get going. I know walk my bike across the street. Otherwise, you weave all over the road getting started to about 7 or 8 mph and look like an idiot. Plus, you can run into the car next to you. Like I said, this is the problem even without an engine mounted.