New Rear Wheel for GEBE

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by seanhan, May 15, 2009.

  1. seanhan

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    My stock Schwinn Point Beach rear wheel is on it's last leg.
    Got one broken spoke so far and it's slowly getting out of round.
    I was thinking about one of those Velicity wheels from GEBE but man 25 bucks for shipping on a 60 dollor wheel !!!!!
    I was also looking at ebay but not sure about quality..
    anybody know where any good deals are for a 26" 36 hole wheel with solid axel ????
    Or should I just pay 100 bucks to GEBE and be done with it..

  2. bamabikeguy

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  3. seanhan

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    Does the SX7 have a solid axel, and use slip on cassettes ??
    so you had to buy the cassettes also, mine I think are screw on and won't work.
  4. bamabikeguy

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    They are screw on, and your bike shop could unscrew it with the special socket when it comes in....

    Solid axle, superior bearings according to my shop guy.
  5. bamabikeguy

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    TIP: the cleanest device for putting the soap in the notches, to remove the ring from the old spokes and snapping it on the new 12 gaugers, is a 12cc syringe, .20 cents max, available at any Farmer's coop or animal hospital.
  6. fetor56

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    PM thewheelmaster or go to his website....see what he sayes,then compare.
    Personally i don't like Velocity wheels cos from what i've seen their all single-walled.
    Wheels are pretty personal items so ultimately it's your decision :detective:
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    $85.00 for a good wheel, shipped, is not a terribly bad price.

    But you might do better if you look around. Recently I was looking at a set of wheels on ebay. The spokes were listed as .105 gauge. (A term I'm not familiar with. I've had the impression, though, that it's a thick spoke. Can anyone explain this measure?)

    I've forgotten the price. But I remember figuring on about a hundred bucks after shipping.
  8. seanhan

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    105 G is just that a very thick spoke, It's so thick that if you want to use them with the GEBE ring you have to file the slots on the ring to make them wider...GEBE also sells a 105 G wheel...
  9. BigPotato

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    When you see spoke thickness expressed in "gauge" notation with the gauge being a small number like 10 or 12, that generally means they are using AWG (American Wire Gauge). In this system smaller numbers represent thicker wire, or in this case spokes. To convert the number to a thickness in inches you have to look it up in a table. For instance, AWG 12 gauge is 0.0808" diameter.

    When you see the gauge expressed as a bigger 3 digit number, then it generally means they are using 1000ths of an inch or inches directly. Obviously in this system larger numbers indicate a thicker wire. For instance if the spoke is listed as 105 gauge, that would mean it is 0.105" (slightly thicker than AWG 10 gauge).

    I think "normal" spokes are 12 (0.0808") or 14 (0.0641") gauge. The 105 gauge spokes are very heavy (close to AWG 10 gauge).
  10. seanhan

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    Thats right big potato

    Thanks for the AWG refreser course.
    I had forgot about it ...
  11. vegaspaddy

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    i have been using the $35 - 40 dollar 105 guage steel wheels from the local bike shop, they are heavy but bombproof, unlike bama i havnt had much with a problem with rust yet, but i do live in the desert !!!!!!!!

    A word of warning, once you mount the drivewheel to the heavier guage spokes, thats it that ring will pretty much have to stay on their, no going back to thinner spokes !!!!!!
  12. seanhan

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    Did that wheel come with a Cassette or did you buy one or use yours.
    I have the screw on type, Trying to find a heavy rear wheel that will use my 7 gears.

    There is a new bike store by my house called city cycle, they seem to have some afforadable stuff, the bike usa store seems to only have the 1000 doller range everything.. Then when you tell them you have a engine they finaly relize your not Lance !!!

    I could not belive it folks were bringing there bikes in for 100 and 200 dollor TUNE UPS !!!! It was like the Cadilliac dealership...I guess a lot of riders can't handle tools, heck nowadays heavy lifting is picking up the I-Phone !!!! Makes my glad that my Dad bought my a $ 200 car in the seventies and tought me how to rebuild the engine....
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  13. vegaspaddy

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    Wheel (wheelmaster brand NOT THE BUILDER!!!) came buy itself, they have the screw threads which is what most of these store bikes come with.

    It was an easy swap of the cassette from the original wheel unto the new one, no charge from the LBS..

    Sounds like your new store is the SPANDEX type, its fun to ride up and mess with them, even though they turn their noses up, i think secretly they admire some of our crazy contraptions.
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    Keep that attitude sean, it'll serve you well throughout your life. If you can do it yourself why pay somebody else to do it for you?
    I figure if somebody else can do it theres no reason I can't learn how it's done. The only exception is the once in a while fix that requires some seriously expensive equipment. At that point you shop around and ask friends.