New rice burner lover from Maryland

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  1. a/c man

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    I am so grateful to all you experienced guys for sharing an incredible amount
    of info that helped me so much building my bike.
    Started building a 1988 Huffy (American made,one of the last years) back in April.Gas bike 80. Have done a lot of mods, most original stuff with kit is ****
    Highlights include pb-1 pocket bike pipe, ufo air filter,#41 chain,SBP wire and boot,urethane wheel chain tensioner,Champion L86C plug,Fram G1 fuel filter real fuel lines,Grade 8 mounting hardware, cloud 9 seat,lots of other stuff .
    I have been recently been port matching and doing port timing mods as per egors awesome posts.
    2 stroke engines have always been in my blood. Still own a Yam RD 400 since 1978. Am gonna posts picture as soon as I figure out how. looking forward to being part of this crowd

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    Welcome to the forum. Those were great days when the Yamaha RDs and Kawasaki triples rumbled the roads.
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    rice burner huh... do you speak Honda???
  4. a/c man

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    I grew up with the old yamaha enduros, loved all Japanese 2 strokes. Best buddy rode the coolest Kaw 750 triple with 3 into 1 expansion chambers.
    Unbelievable!! Pretty much gave up riding as per wife and kids until finding
    this as a new "safe" hobby. Just now realizing that riding is as much fun as building. Still a kid at heart at 50. Grow old but don't give up you dreams