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Urban Fatbiker

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Jan 30, 2019
man i'd love to put a BBSHD on a terra trike, that would be some good cruisin right there!
Hundreds of miles, in stereo even.

BBSHD? OMG I haven't hit limits of a BBS02, restricted to 18A, 33mph with butt 12" from earth fast enough for me.

My biking went to utility now. Fun times over here. Wife's in bad shape I need easy load unload urban running.

Keeping terra trike for now, I'll keep it functional to ride, may move it all back someday.

If I do need an etrike, I'll ride hers, its 18" of butt clearance sunseeker eco tad with a BBS02. Its heavier, but a lot more comfy, and heel rest pedals no leg sucky sucky.
She won't be riding for a while.