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    Ok, I can finally post pics and all. My last thread got completely deleted because I put pics in!

    Anyway, I am a hot rodder in Honolulu Hawaii. I live and work on a US Air Force base, with a short and flat commute. I wanted something fun to cruise around on, and was looking at an e-bike setup, but decided to go gas for fun. The price also helped!

    - I bought the gas-bike $119 66cc kit, shipping was a little higher to Hawaii, $50 total.
    - I got a basic beach cruiser for $89 at the base exchange for the build.
    - The kit went on pretty easy, I am fairly mechanical, and only had some minor issues.
    - I sealed the carb with RTV
    - the throttle cable was too tight, and would not allow a return to idle, so I shortened the cable
    - After riding 4-5 days, the exhaust tip vibrated off. It also got hit by a car! I ordered a new one and
    a hot rod buddy straightened out the old one and welded it up.
    - I got the Amazon brake/turn/tail/horn combo on the bike. Initially, I put the switch on the clutch
    cable. After a week of commuting, I decided to add front brakes! A little bmx side pull set bolted
    right up, and REALLY helps the stops over just a coaster brake!
    - I just put in the NGK plug, new wire, and clutch cover pad! Seems to help!
    - I have been riding three weeks now, and a, having a LOT of fun! This thing gets more attention than
    my restored 1986 Buick Grand National!
    - It rides very nice at 25MPH (Bell speedo), but above that it gets quite a buzz and vibration. I may
    try one of the more trick engine mount setups in the near future. I like the poly bushing idea!

    here are some pics!
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    have fun there Ed

    we were just oven at Kona a while back
    I sure missed my motor bike while over there -- pretty place to ride
    Lived in Perl City when I was a kid -- good riding also

    have fun as you ride that motor bike thing
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    Hi Ed,

    Welcome to the club. If you're at Hickam, drop by McDonald's near Aloha Stadium at 1030 for breakfast. I'm usually there Saturday and Sunday with "The Dragon Lady", my dual-engined girlie cruiser. If I'm there my bike is chained to the tree near the fire hydrant.

    We can have shots together.

    Pictures, not alcohol.:devilish:

    Very good idea to install front brakes. That same side-pull brake should work on your rear wheel. I mounted mine upside down at the seat stays. Even with front brake my rear coaster would lock up. Now I have two side-pull brakes and the coaster brake. Excellent braking capacity, even while riding under the airport viaduct at 37mph.

    Nice photos. Two wild guesses where you shot your pics. Your wife and Buick in a residential area in Moanalua Valley, and the motorized bike shot was at AMR(Aliamanu Military Reservation).

    Am I right, or way off?

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    Sorry about the IMG links, will refrain from doing that in the future!

    You are close 5-7! The bike pics are in old Hickam housing, just inside the fence from Nimitz Elementary :) The Buick pic was taken at a friend's house right outside Tripler :) I hang out with the Paradise Cruisers hot rod guys, and make most of the cruises on the Island! I am actaully retiring from the USAF in a few months, and am sorta looking for a place to rent on the economy. I have a degree in hospital management, so will try to get hired with Tripler, or perhaps teach school.

    I'll bring the Cruiser out to McDonald's Sat am, look forward to meeting you :) It will be my first off base venture with the bike!

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    We're Neighbors!

    Hey Ed,

    Yep, Tripler's right next to Moanalua Valley.

    I live right below AMR, which is less than two miles from you. I work for Child Welfare, and have picked up a few kids from Nimitz Elementary to transport them to the doctor.

    Traffic can be scary on your first trip offbase. Meet me at Moanalua McD's at Saturday 1030am. It's much closer, right outside your base.

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    No sweat, I have years of experience commuting with person powered bikes :) I lived in Tokyo, Seoul, and other Asian for years, that makes Honolulu traffic look like a country road :) But they are certainly more bike friendly over there.

    Moanalua is real close. I was talking with my wife this am, and she made some plans for Sat I did not know about LOL. Can we go for Sunday? She is working Sunday so I have it clear.

    Look forward to meeting another MB guy here. Yours sounds like quite a project!

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    Yep, it's evolved from electric hub to failed Happy Time conversion to single rear engine, then finally dual-engined monster.

    This is the most potent setup, but has horible steering manners at walking speed.