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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Wilson1, May 7, 2015.

  1. Wilson1

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    Just got my first motorized bike. It is a custom built Phantom Ghost 26 in dark green and cream tires. Couldn't be happier. I have been walking around building one for a couple of years when I stumbled across the Phantom web site. It looked very close to what I wanted to build, so I thought I would buy a readymade one first, then build my own custom when I learned how a great builder like John King does things. It is going to be a high standard to live up to.

    I want to build one that looks just like an early 1900's motorcycle with the twin top rails, longer frame, and the gas tank between the two top rails. I am sure that will be an undertaking, but I have built several race cars in my life and a bunch of hot rods. I look forward to the challenge.

    I live in Salt lake City and would love to hook up with other people building bikes. Shoot me an email at if there are any Utah enthusiast wanting to share ideas and discuss building motorized bikes.
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  2. darwin

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    Welcome to the forum!
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    We're glad you joined.

    And I'm telling you, man, we want to see pics of that bike.

    We can't get enough of that sort of thing.
  4. Wilson1

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    As soon as it quits raining here I will get some and post them. I am assuming you have to upload them to a service then post the URL?
  5. miketaco

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    there should be a image up loader.... 3rd icon from the right.... above were u reply were u can select ur font size and what nots... u can select from computer or url..and as always ride on!
  6. 1983JZR3W

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    Welcome from Florida!! I still do not have a M/B yet, but the Phantom Ghost looks to be a really well sorted out machine. As others have said, anxiously awaiting photos.
  7. Wilson1

    Wilson1 New Member

    Ghost 2.jpg

    It has been raining ever since I got this. I have only gotten to ride it a couple of times... The tires look much whiter in the photo than they are... I also can't find a good background to take a picture, of course the pictuer is taken with a phone....

    I took the silencer off today and drilled a few extra holes in the air cleaner cover...This is one design flaw with the Phantoms. You have to remove the pitcock to get the cover off, and the way the pitcock fits I don't think you can put an extended air cleaner on it. I filled down the bottom tabs and rounded the back edges of the air cleaner cover so you can get it off with the pitcock installed. Should get me thru the summer. I will put a 90 on the tank this winter and build a custom neck for the carb so I can get a cool air cleaner on this thing... Think Steam Punk.... LOL
  8. Wilson1

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    I have to get some "Army MP" stickers made for the tank and a star for the pull cord cover.... I love this thing... I am almost tempted to go ride in a rain storm....
  9. 1983JZR3W

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    That is a beautiful M/B!! I see the headlight, but does it come with a taillight? I think that is the best looking "factory" built M/B currently available. It is a bit expensive, but it appears to have all quality components. I may end up with one of those instead of trying to build my first one, too.
  10. Wilson1

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    It does have a tail light... If you look real close you can see it peaking out of behind the rear wheel mounted on the frame. It is a battery one, but very bright. It will flash or stay on steady. The head light is run off the mag... I think you could hook up an led tail light to run off the mag also... I will let you know if it works... This is a quality build. Everything about these bikes is quality. It is a bit spendy, but when I took it out of the crate, I was impressed. I expected less, but got more. Not many things you buy these days you can say that about.
  11. miketaco

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    damn good upload.... i like ur color choice n head lamp ..keeping it classy not trashy