New Rules For Motorized Bike Users In Malta.

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    Well it seems some kid hit a old timer and hurt him quite badly, full story here:

    As a result of this, here are the new rules that are trying to be enforced on the tiny island of Malta:

    As a Brit who lives in Malta i doubt this will ever be truly enforced, cops here dont have time for us 'motorized bike' riders, they are much to busy smoking and drinking in the taverns/ ;)

  2. LR Jerry

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    It's events like this is why I so strongly discourage people from making videos of irresponsible riding.
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    Have a look at the comments listed below the article.
    There is always someone without a life who wants nothing more than to turn a perfectly free country into a police state like America or Australia:

    G G Debono - 2 months ago
    TO paul camilleri

    RE "is this some sort of war?"

    That is a very good way to put it ! YES it is !

    As to classifying s and electric bikes as equal -

    This is the point - we have had bicycles for 140 years and they still remain free to use all over the world. In these 140 years there were no significant problems . This accident was not caused by a bicycle but by a moped !

    -Share "º

    G G Debono - 2 months ago −

    As to it being a war - Golly ! you are usually the first to mke unpleasant remarks about bikes

    do you remember taunting me on another blog? This is what you said:

    1 ) "guess you can't go biking with a motorised bike on your usual trips time to unhitch the motor and start peddling for real" and

    2) " you cant go buzzing with your semi motorbike/cycle for free anymoreâ
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