New SBP 4 stroke shift kit on old Huffy Cranbrook

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Well the huffy cranbrook has evolved. started out as a stage 111, then a EZM Qmatic,then a grubee4G, back to a stage 111 single speed and now to a stage 111 with sick bike parts shift kit SWEET.
    Still working on the chain stretch adjustments . Kit wasn't too bad to install. The rear wheel axel got pulled out of the derail side several times no matter how tight I got the axel nut. I included a fix[see picture] that seems to be working so far.The shifting and torque would pull the wheel axel out of the drop out. If the bike had motor cycle style drop outs like the felt cruisers or the grubee GT1 or 2 bikes this might not happen. Anyway for now the fix is temporary untill I get a longer axel that will have more space for the threaded eyebolt

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  2. MotoMagz

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    Hey Bill looks good.I take it you are running the non freewheel 10t.Pretty sweet set up with the 4 stroke and the shift kit.Here's your old G4 with the shift kit.Thanx again!

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  3. shift kit

    Hey Moto. My old 4G lookin good on yer ride. I like your aircleaner. Where did you get it part #?? is it a K&N??. Yep I'm running the 10t non free wheel which means "Forget trying to pedal " But even with the old 11t freewheel pedalling was still a bear. At least now I can start of with no pedal. By the way I headed out today with one goal to try and motor bike up a steep Bluff that I have never been able to climb on a motored bicycle or non motorized bike. Idid it:bowdown:
  4. reb1

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    With all that force the axle is probably flexing. This allows the nuts to work loose enough for this to happen. Golden Eagle sells hardened axles that may work. Track bike bolts may help also.
  5. MotoMagz

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    The air cleaner/ velocity stake was a combined effort between myself and Ocscully.If you do a little searching Here under 4 stroke airfilter you should find the source.I have it all written down and will try to locate it for you.Glad to see you made it up the hill!!! I think you would be suprised at the G4 with the shift kit.But as you know to many freewheels.
  6. SkiBikeFun

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    4g With SBP Shifter Kit??

    Hey moto Mags/all,

    have you had luck getting the shift kit from SBP working with the 4G transmission?? It appears so from your picture.

    When I contacted SPB they told me the shift kit was only compatible with a Hoot or Stage 2 or 3 gear box.

    Please advise. I'd rather run the 4G tranny if possible.

  7. ocscully

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    There are two different 4G drives. The one that is made to fit the Honda GXH50 motor will mount easily to the SBP 4-stroke Shift Kit. The drive that fits the Newer HS 142CC motor (the one that comes with the clutch attached to the motor) is wider and does not work with the 4-stroke Shift Kit.


    The adapter you asked about is from Affordable Go Karts in Santa Barbara CA. The adapter is made for the larger Honda & Clone motors that are used on go karts and mini bikes. To mount it to our motors you need to buy two M5 X 100mm long bolts. Keith found the Air Filter from a source on e-bay at a very reasonable price as I remember (less than $10.00)

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  8. MotoMagz

    MotoMagz Member

    It does fit just had to remove one spacer on the jackshaft and use a 410 bmx chain not the 415 chain from the gearbox.I have had both the stage II and the G4...G4 is smoothe and quiet.Sorry to bust in on your thread Bill.
  9. MotoMagz

    MotoMagz Member

    And what Ocscully said....he has help me alot with this set up...thanx again OC.
  10. g1manalo

    g1manalo Member

    hello bill,
    i have a golden eagle tanaka ,tanaka 40 piped hp carb vel stack. i like it very much. i feel thought that the engines is asking for more gears and i already have a 14 on there.
    it looks like you have tried the golden eagle, staton, and now you have the sick bike that you just did recently. i thinking the gearing option so thinking of the staton with the new 3 gear he has available.i will aso put the tanaka engne on it. my only reservation is that the staton can be heavy and the gearbox can be noisy. im also realy interesten in your sbp with husuag 4 stroke, i have been looking for a person like you that have tried all of this. isaw that you have also used the husuang motor before,how is the dependability on this engine. how is the maintenance with the spb.can you please tell me the pros and cons on the staton and spb frame mount. thank you in advance
  11. gear noise

    I liked the staton . IMO the staton is the best rack mount you can buy. Its practically bullet proof. When new the staton did have gear noise but the noise went away with mileage. Cant comment on the 3 gear. The Husuang is ok but if you can swing it go with the honda. I loved the tanaka.can't wait to here the results with the staton 3gear. Still working out the bugs on the sbp
  12. g1manalo

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    re gebe

    hi bill
    thank you for your response. i have been following what you have to say. your wisdom means a lot to us newbies. i might go with the staton waiting for the 3 speed. can i ask you why you changed from gebe to staton. how many mirle do you have on your staton now? you can email me your answer at if you want to. i apreciate your help. im really enjoing mb so and want to get the best system
  13. Gebe ---metal front brace broke 15 miles from home. Belt broke 13 miles from home. Idler spring broke 25 miles from home.need i say more:ack2:
    Staton-----no problems I just don't like rack mounts.I had about 600 miles on the staton before i sold it
  14. g1manalo

    g1manalo Member

    rear mount

    what did you not like about rack mount. i have not tested a frame mount yet. is it the ride or the looks looking forward to see you experience with sbp. i also want the idea of being able to change gears. thank you for your reply again