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    SUNP0011.jpg I kicked off my New build last week by sending my 56 Schwinn Cantilever frame to powder coat and of course I sent my 1946 H- motor to Quenton Guenther for rebuild. I've already got my frame back from powder coating and can't wait to get the motor back from Quenton! I couldn't think of anyone I would trust or could do a better job than him.
    As some people may remember Quenton saved my first project from complete disaster when he was able to fix my wiring problems and he diagnosed my valve problem over the phone and was able to help talk me though a valve adjustment, which resulted in me finally being able to get it running! Didn't want to mention this before but he re-wired my wiring harness for me at no charge because he felt bad about all the trouble I had.
    As a result of Quenton's help I was able to part out that bike on ebay and get back most of the money I had wasted on parts I didn't need. He also encouraged me to share my new project on this site after my little tirade which ****ed off a few people on this site. I just want to apologize to anyone I offended, even the ones who personally attacked me. At the time I thought the guy sending photo's of work I just said I did, rather than offering any help, was making fun of me rather than helping.
    Soon after I purchased my pacemaker 11, I realized that the amount of electonics and such would prevent me from achieving the old school look I wanted so i've purchased a H-motor and am back to my original project $T2eC16JHJGUFFh2RLFiSBR-Y5!IeYg~~60_57.jpg $T2eC16hHJHUFFfz!UcdZBR-Y44UkHQ~~60_57.jpg 3J23N73H75I85Me5Jfd5rf80f880c887f1074.jpg
    I will soon be adding more pics and text as I go along. I'll also be adding tips and updated as I go along.
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    awesome! looking forward to the build!
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    What he said!!!

  4. mason_man

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    HEY!!! I saw this stuff on ebay!
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    just curious......I dont get why if you and Q fixed your bike as you parted it out on ebay (getting some of your money back wasted)....and now youre putting together another pile of parts to do what? get back to where you were?
    BTW, nobody was personally attacking came on being a smartmouth because you were having a problem and insulted people trying to help you......that was you,not them.
    the schwinns cool.
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    Come on. They guy acknowledged an error publicly and apologized. Let it go.

    Anyway, it's a fine looking bike.

    Not being a Whizzer guy, I've never had any dealings with Quenton. But he's been around for quite a while here and I've seen plenty of evidence that he's knowledgeable and very helpful.

    I wonder how many Whizzers are out there running when they might well have been garbaged by now if not for him?
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    Racie is replying to the guys attitude.
    Being a Whizzer guy, I'm agreeing with Racie, Quenton isn't Whizzer. he is helpful.
    The new edition Whizzer has gotten some bad uncalled for, reviews.

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    Well all I was trying to do was apologize and share this build with people that may be interested in this project, but I guess my apology isn't accepted and people aren't interested in talking about the bike so I won't post anymore on this site. Thanks for your comment blue goat
  9. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Guys,

    He sold his new edition Whizzer & parts to go back to the vintage motor.

    I am currently rebuilding a vintage 1946 "H" motor for him.

    The main difference [aside from poor quality & workmanship on the new edition motors] is in the low end torque & clutch system. All the clutches work on the over 200,000 vintage motors and no valve seat, head gasket, temperature problems exist. The vintage motors also have much more bottom end torque, making riding much easier.

    I have over 30 Whizzers in my personal collection, about half being vintage versions, therefore it is easy to tell the difference between the two designs.

    PS. Please don't let a few comments rob us of seeing your new build in progress. I sure would like to see it to completion.

    Have fun,
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    Absolutely don't let something I say or anyone else determine whether or not you post your build. I just called it as I seen it and I know I was clear.
    I think your builds gonna be neat to watch either way. ...have at it.
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    I know I'd like to see it.
    I think there jealous. really.
    Hang in there.

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  12. Quenton Guenther

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    Crankshaft.JPG Crankshaft2.JPG Crankshaft sent to Dave Reese in Ohio for rebuild. Cylinder bored .020" O.S piston, rings and wrist pin replaced. Checked magneto and it checks good. Head will need to be welded or replaced as it has a major hole for one of the head bolts. If I can't get it welded correctly, then I have another head we can use on the motor. Will replace oil seal and crankshaft bearing.

    Still have to cut valves and valve seats and lap valves in.

    Carburetor looks like it will work after I change a few internal parts [no charge]. Carburetor looks really nice.

    Side cover bearing is good.

    Need to decide about changing plug wire to original type, as it is too stiff.

    I exchanged the "E" bar in your magneto [no charge], as the original is riveted, not held together with screws.

    Motor has tall breather [a good thing]and will allow you to run 8 oz. of oil.

    Crankcase will look good after it is cleaned, and is in good condition.

    Looks like you have a winner this time.

    Will need a few additional minor parts, such as the magneto cover [can get from Ron Houk in CA 714-996-6323]. Will also need exhaust manifold for the "H"/"J" motor [Memory Lane Classics in Ohio 419-832-3040].

    Have fun,
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    photo 1 (1).JPG photo 2 (1).JPG Thanks Quenton,
    I never had a doubt that you were the right guy for this rebuild! I was crushed when you said that carb may not work because she sure is pretty. Great news to hear you can make it work! I'm going to add a photo of it. Let me know when you want to settle up, by email or call. I found that compression cable and will send that along too.
    Anyone reading this can tell I am a big Quenton Guenther fan! Not only is he a encyclopedia of whizzer knowledge, but takes the time to help anyone who asks for his help ( usually within a day) This is the second time he's pulled my ass from the fire! More to come.
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    Carb looks good lillback! looking forward to seeing the rest!

  15. Quenton Guenther

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    Cutting valve seats.JPG Exhaust port.JPG Intake Port.JPG Complete cyl.JPG A few pictures of the motor build.

    Decked cylinder, cut valve seats, re-faced valves, lapped valves, liquid tested. Open intake and exhaust port to increase flow. Opened cylinder bore for .020" O.S. piston. NOS rings, and valve "C" clips [how cool is that?]. Cylinder is now completed.

    Have fun,
  16. lillback44

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    Hey Quenton, Are you sure you got the right motor? Looking good! I see you were able to use the jug that I painted. I'm adding photo's of the jug that I prepared for this build. SUNP0020.jpg SUNP0022.jpg SUNP0023.jpg SUNP0025.jpg
    After sand blasting I carefully taped off the areas such as the the top surface, exhaust. carb flange and compression cover area, as to keep mounting surfaces clean and not allow paint to get inside the jug. I used a high temperature ceramic enamel paint I purchased from autozone.
    Check with Quenton about details on the correct paint to use because I understand that some paints that have a high degree of like 1100-1200 may not dry properly and cause you problems down the road. I got lucky buying the right stuff without checking on this.
    The one thing I would like to stress to a new builder is to check with as many people as you can whether it be buying a part or choosing a certain type of paint. Mistakes can be very costly and cause long delays!
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    Looking good
  18. lillback44

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    Thanks Racie
    Originally I wanted to go with chrome rims, but the ones I purchased on ebay were not suitable for re- chroming. I have one good rim for re-chroming but these ones have the crappy style knurling on them so I decided to powder coat these rims. I decided to do something a little different and went with a beautiful bright red color. This will contrast with the darker red trim of the bike and not sure how it will work.
    I'm also trying to avoid going with a exact copy of else. Have you ever been to a car show were every other car is a cookie cutter fiberglass 32 deuce coupe? Don't get me wrong, it's a great car but it's been done to death. Anyway, switching to chrome is always a option.
    I'm putting up a few pics of the rims. Notice these are in process and won't be completed till later. Waiting on a rear hub. SUNP0003.jpg SUNP0004.jpg SUNP0005.jpg SUNP0003.jpg SUNP0004.jpg SUNP0005.jpg
    A few words on powder coating that may help someone who is thinking about this or doesn't know about it. Powder coating can be a cheaper, more affordable, alternative to painting, especially if your paying someone else. It can also be a much more durable option than paint, however it is not bullet proof and can be scratched just like paint. Trying to get a powder coater to do more than one color may be difficult and expensive and color choices are more limited.
    Basic colors may have a lot quicker turnaround time and custom colors may take longer simply because a coater would rather do the 10000 piece black order rather than your 1 piece orange frame. You can also save money by seeing what other color jobs the guy has coming up and go with one of those colors. I saved a lot by going with a red color the powder coater had scheduled for another job.
    I hope to do some painting this weekend and will share more later. Thanks
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    I like powder coating and use it myself....I also like bikes with colored rims....that red looks good.....better tighten those spokes!!
  20. Quenton Guenther

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    Bottom hole.JPG Heli-coil.JPG repaired top stud.JPG Tapping bearing plate.JPG Repaired head bottom.JPG milled head.JPG welded head.JPG repaired bearing plate.JPG Cylinder & head.JPG broken screws.JPG Top stud hole.JPG Repaired head top.JPG

    Sure do like to watch this build in detail. I noticed you are using the Schwinn front brake, a good choice.

    I was able to pay a local welder $20.00 to Helli-arc the massive hole in the head, and after some machine work in my mill, it turned out great [see pictures]. I also spent several hours on the crankcase, as there were many stripped threads, broken screws, and several O.S. openings. I had to install Heli-coils in the bottom and top motor mount stud openings, as they will larger than 3/8". I ran a 5/16 X 24 tap on all the existing studs, and installed the 2 new studs in the crankcase. Next I drilled out the 2 screws broken off in the bearing support plate, and tapped them to 10-24. Installed the 3 special screws and tapered lock washers in the plate. I don't know why so many remove the screws in the plate as there is never a reason to remove it. Whizzer even mentioned in several manuals and service facts, to leave the plate alone, unless replacement is needed. Just another one of the mysteries about vintage Whizzers.

    Top end is completed, carburetor still needs to be tested, will clean case and install new bearing & seal this weekend. Just waiting on crankshaft.

    Might be helpful, if a magneto cover was located and sent my way [about the only missing part needed for completion].

    Have fun,