New Schwinn Spit Fire Build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by tommer2, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. tommer2

    tommer2 New Member

    Hi All, Check out my new build. 1980 Schwinn Spitfire. I think it came out pretty cool. :cool:

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  2. BAM

    BAM Member

    WOW! very nice bike Ive got an old schwinn frame might be my next build hows she run . looks like the motors on a 45 looks like you have all the goodies though! ride it like you stole it.
  3. Daniel_62

    Daniel_62 Member

    Like the Tank. Where Can I get one?

    Great Build

  4. tommer2

    tommer2 New Member

    Glad you like my bike. I made the tank from an old vacuum canister I had laying around. The canister was used on my S10 drag truck to compensate for the big cam I had in it.Gave me more vacuum for my brake booster.Anyway I got the bungs from The Bung King and welded it up. Turned out pretty good I thought. It's different. Only holds a little over a quart but that's enough for me. It's a toy not my mode of transportation. :helmet:
  5. Daeouse

    Daeouse Member

    Excellent! Looks killer!