New skyhawk gt5 problem

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mytreksfaster, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. mytreksfaster

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    ok so i installed my new engine and on the first test it fired right up then made some sort of clank and now clutch in or out just spins freely for a few rotation jerks a little and the chain pops off. can any one help?

  2. mytreksfaster

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    OK so this is my second build. I am far from an expert but am pretty sure i did everything right. The problem is When i went for my first run the engine ran fine then things got reallly jerky for a second and then died. now the wheel spins free and the chain gets super loose and then jumps but the engine wont engage. also about every turn of the wheel there is a point where it seems like the engine tries to engage and then goes back to free wheeling. Clutch prblem? Any ideas?
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    Sounds like at least a couple different problems.
    Super loose chain part means like hanging down??? could be rag joint, wheel bearing, loose wheel, bad drive sprocket, or internal support for the drive sprocket in the case, loose engine mount, maybe even a broken frame.

    Really jerky for a second, then dying sounds like you have seized the motor.

    Start with the motor mount inspection, then wheel & rag, the pop the clutch release cover off and see how the motor turns by putting a socket on the nut holding the gear.

    U could also drop the exhaust pipe and look in the port at the piston to see if there are obvious problems in that small window.

    Always gotta look for the silver lining...
    Great little project to learn about this kinda stuff !

    Good luck
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    have you tried tightening the flower nut on the clutch.

    on the opposite side of the chain, under the cover, is the clutch. on the big gear there is what looks like a wierd washer with a set screw. take the screw out and tighten the flower nut with a screwdriver and a hammer. be gentle though. and only tighten a little at a time. i didn't put the cover back on til i was finished. but i wouldn't reccomend it.
  5. mytreksfaster

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    my kit was missing the key for the main sprocket. it's called a woodruff key i think? took the old one off the raw engine. fixed that issue then the chain split. lukily i have the chain from the raw. thanx for the help
  6. mytreksfaster

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    yeah wow i thoiught i kearned everything from the first build. HA!!.secomd build and still learning. i have been working on engines ny whole life and just figured i knew it all. Guess not. btw wow is this gt5 smoother than than raw.
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    no problem glad i could help.
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    If ya lock the clutch lever in ya should'nt have to beat on it with a hammer. The flower nut WILL spin a lot easier.
    Big Red.
  9. tone2crazy

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    i said be gentle :whistling: