New soon to be biker, just soaking in info like a sponge.

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    Just want to introduce myself to this wonderful forum I have been trolling for a few days now. I rode my first motorized bike two weeks ago, a rat rod cruiser frame with a 66cc kit on it, and I was addicted immediately. Today my mom brings up me building my own since I could ride it to my college that is really close just in case my VW bus doesn't want to start or if I don't want to pay for gas, but it is more to me than that. Something about when I was riding that bike its like it clicked what all the fuss about biking and motorcycles is, since it is a hybrid of the two in my opinion. Now to what I have and plan on doing. I have a nice cruiser that I soon plan on putting a 66cc motor into. I'm going to take measurements of the frame to make sure everything will fit fine and see what sized sprockets I have since I may want to beware of what I choose since I am a rather large (6ft 214lb) guy and I want enough gut to lug me up hills, so I don't mind loosing some speed for the hill climbing, and I understand I can't have both hill climbing and top speed with a 2 stroke 66cc engine I just don't want the top speed to be too low.

    Questions I have

    Any 2 stroke 66cc kits I should look at, or beware of?
    Do the aftermarket air filters and pipes really increase power?
    What ratio do you suggest for my sprockets given my size and area I will ride in.

    Thanks for any help or advice :grin5:

    My bike
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    wooouww realmente hermosa tu bici...
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    Thank you! I am so pumped, I plan on putting brakes on it so I don't have to rely on the coaster brake. I then after I have the kit in want to work on getting a little more power out of it, not looking to blast off at 40+ MPH, I just want power so I can cruise up hills easily.

    A friend of mine who is also a MBer said I may have some trouble with my kit because my rear rim has soo many spokes, could this be true?
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