New Staton Inc. Friction Kits For Sale

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    I have 3 brand new Staton Inc friction kits for sale. I had a couple projects I was working on, but no longer have a need for the kits. They are still in the original packing I received them in from Staton Inc.

    The kits are equipped with the 7/8" roller and have the smaller 54mm clutch drum, designed to fit 25cc sized engines.

    Staton sells the larger clutch drums which can easily be swapped for the one on the kit. The Staton kits are predrilled for the larger engines so if you'd like to put your 35cc+ engine on it wouldn't be a problem.

    I would take $150 each for the kits. Thanks!

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    Received Staton Kit- Missing Parts

    Thanks for the prompt shipping. I received my kit today.
    I quickly installed the kit, with all bolts finger-tight, then realized that the rear supports which go from the aluminum channel supporting the engine, down to the rear frame near the axle were not included.
    I'm sure it was an oversight, because I'm sure they wouldn't fit in the shipping box you used. I could buy some aluminum strap from HD, but I don't have a CNC machine to slot the straps for adjustment.
    Please send them to the original address asap; I wanna' ride!
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    Sorry about that! I worked out that shipping most of the parts in a flat rate box and then the side supports in an envelope, rather than everything in a huge box would work out cheaper. Once I mailed the flat rate box I totally forgot about mailing the supports. I'll be sure to get it shipped out tomorrow. Sorry again because I know that feeling of just wanting to get out and ride!
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    you till have the straton kit i need one how can i conta you for the rest of the inf.
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    Yes I still have 2 of the kits available. You can send me a private message to arrange for purchase of the kit.
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    PM sent.