New Stickers from SBP - SWAG???

Discussion in 'Dealer Advertisements' started by Pablo, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Check out our new stickers for your bike, car, mailbox, air compressor and house......

    We have a SWAG section, whatever that means.....

    They aren't free, but we aren't making money on the deal either! :jester:

    NEW Products Page

    Also we have been updating our pages. I'm slowly working on the Spanish.

    Payment Options Page - We have a page explaining payment options, because people ask so often

    Shipping and Returns Page People often ask how long it will take, etc....

  2. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Hey Pablo, Im going to make an unsolicited comment.

    Anything with your branding logo on it ,you should include free of charge with any engine kit you sell. Because you are getting advertisement value out of them. And this is just me speaking out loud,you should add these stickers to any non labeled engine kit you sell and let the customer decide weather to keep it on or remove it.

    All the other swag you have on your site is pretty sweet and worth the money for the added bling to anyones kits.
  3. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Thanks - Understood and we still give our 1"X5" stickers free with orders.

    But the larger stickers are BIG dollars, so selling them at a buck or two (well UNDER our cost - trust me!!) at least keeps us from going broke if people want a bunch for free. See the logic? We've been mailing the 1" x 5" stickers for free with no order - just for the asking, but passing these costs off into costs of our products is not exactly right. Our prices are not overly high - we want to keep it that way. Sorta make sense?
  4. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Sorry about the kit reference I meant parts, and I know that custom stickers have a cost to them. My wife does a customer sticker business so I know all to well what these items cost to you are.

    I guess if someone just wanted the stickers with your business logo on it sent to them, then you are justified in charging for them it would stop people just getting freebies from your business. But if they ordered anything from you and you included it with the purchase it is a great advertising tool as Im sure you are aware of.
  5. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Some of the folks wanted handfuls of stickers. We supplied then when asked of course, but when we were coming up short to supply with orders and had to double our order sizes, it just became an economic decision. Kinda sucks, but there it is.

    We are now looking for more stuff like shirts and briefs and stuff.....maybe SBP apri-riding flip flops and beer can cozies.