New Throttle grip.

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    So as we all know, the stock throttle that comes with most kits are sub-par at best. Anyone know of a good alternative? I have searched other treads but didn't find much on the subject. Links and pics would be great.

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    Instead of twist grip, try adding a brake lever instead. Probably safer. So ya have 2 levers brake and throttle.
    In ther mean time when you are using the sub-par, add some grease where the cable curls in the groove bit cos eventually the cable will tear away at the plastic.
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    Man I like those plastic trigger type set ups
    the lever is short so you can still grab the handbrake easy.
    Golden eagle sells them and maybe staton ..
    but mine is very well made and has very smooth responce
    And you can use a rubber band for cruise control on a long ride..
    and still hold the grips tightly without them moving !!!!
    you can mount them for operation with the thumb
    or fore finger ...
    and since Iam a primemate my fingers are short !!!
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    Calling the standard throttle setup "sub-par" is an insult to's shocking. :ack2:
    If u want a better throttle arrangement u could always use a metal motorbike throttle....the electric start button could be used as a kill switch.

    My new friction drive is using this setup....simple & sturdy.
    Scoll down:
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    Dude that Cabelas hand throttle is cool.
    I have been looking for a excuse to go to Cabelas now I have one !!!!!!