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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MotorbikeMike, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, I put this in "Buy-Sell-Trade" go vote?



    Hi all, I'm trying to find out what the interest might be in Cheng Sheng cruiser bike tires, Goodyear tread pattern.

    I'm looking at 26" Black, Pre-War Red, and White in 26x2.125 AND also in 24x 2.125. I have not seen the Red or Whites offered in the 24" but I'm thinking that with enuf interest it could be done.

    The tires would not be the cheapest, maybe 15-25 each depending on the relavant quantities. (black leas than 15 probably)

    So, let the world know what you think!


  2. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Mike, I'm already a fan of those tires, so my vote is a resounding "yes". I have the 26" brick red on my '46 Columbia with a 48cc GruBee, a set of 24" whitewalls on my Whizzer and I've used the blackwalls on a number of balloon-tire bicycle restorations.
  3. Tires all over the place!

    Hi Kilroy, I have run "Tycoon" Pre-war reds, and Cheng Sheng "goodyear" reds, all black Goodyear, Carlisle. and a couple of types of street slicks (including Armadillos, and City Travellers), and of course the CS WhiteWall in 24 and 26 goodyear types.

    On the Model 09 I'm running the Kenda all-whites, tho they are not as heavy of a carcass as the CS tires. Duro, and a couple of others seem to be a softer compound, and wear much quicker than the CS of the same tread pattern and depth.

    In non-traditional tires, you can get Kevlar, and much more "round" tires. Even the Duro street slick is more round and less rolling resistance than the old-time cruiser tires. My Honda GX50 bikes has the CS "City Travellers", therefore so will my 1962 Tornado HS/Silent Power, so that I can get a true comparison between the HS/Silent Power, and the Honda/Silent Power. The CS City Trav. is only 2.0 wide and not as tall as the Goodyear, but nice compound and a very good roller, also fits the MiddleWeight Schwinns, and others of the mid-50's and up.

    Part of my interest in the 24" is I have 2 cantilever cruisers, and a converted ladies Roadmaster, Wifey's Green Roadmaster/spitfire, a Rollfast Ladies, a 1953 DX (boys), an unidentified lugged 2-bar, and probably something else in the 24inch size!

    Wifey, at about 5'6" and 130lbs handles the little 24" bikes very well, and they sure tote easy! I have no problem getting 24" 105 coaster/plain front combo's, and my bay area supplier would probably lace a Shimano roller-brake, or a Sturmey drum for me at a little cost.

    IF you run a long stem, the right small bars, and a tall seatpost, you might be surprised how nice a 24 can be.

    There are no repop springers availble for the 24 on easy open market, BUT the 26 is onlt 1 inch taller, and if you use drum or roller brake, it will work good, the caliper brake arms will be too short.

    Ohhh well,

  4. HoughMade

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    I am a partisan for whites. The tires I got were inexpensive and no longer available from the place I got them (looks like the same Kendas you mentioned above). I would greatly appreciate a reliable source.

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