New to 2-cycle bikes in Ma.

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    Hello all,
    Have built several DIY electric bikes and now my first china girl. Schwinn chopper, custom motor mount, hidden spring tensioner, lighting system, saddle bags and occ test stand. Now with 100 mi on this fun bike, I have learned a few things. 1. A mortorized bike should have suspension. 2. It should have a gearing system (purchased or DIY) 3. Bright and dependable lighting system. 4. Maximum on road visability (for all of those idiot non-MB drivers). So needless to say I will start on my second build with most of these things in mind. Thanks to all for the abundance of info posted on this Fouum!

    James 65

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    welcome to mbc.
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    welcome to the great world of MBs.Lot of helpfull people here
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    Welcome, A hundred miles and already building another, your definetly in the right place.