New to a motored bicycle

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Larry, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Larry

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    Just recently I saw a motorized bicycle and was hooked. The owner had bought it second hand and so was no help. How and where would I get started building one? Any body in the Harrisburg, PA area who could give me some guildance/help?

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hi Larry and welcome aboard.

    I don't feel competent to recommend a particular engine to you. But let's suppose you choose a 2 stroke, frame mount, chain drive type since that's what most newbies go with.

    I bought two of them from and I've been perfectly satisfied. There are other sponsors on the links to the left who have a good reputation around here. If you check out their websites you'll see photos of the engine kits and some basic info about them. They're not expensive. You could have one within a couple of weeks.

    You don't need a lot of mechanical expertise to install them. If you can do an oil change or, say, change the brake pads on your car, then you're more than qualified. Though it's still a good idea to search these posts for hints. They can save you from making mistakes that could leave you high and dry while you wait for whichever part you need to replace.

    So you ought to go for it. I don't think you'll be sorry. Very few people are.
  3. biken stins

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    Welcome Larry.
    You can build bike all ready made but what fun is that.
    Your own is a personal statement of yourself.
    Start reading the posts, look at the gallery, read vendors reviews. Search for questions in the search box.
    They are all fun,easy to build for the most part.
    enjoy your build .this is a great hobby.
    good luck.
    Scroll all the way down to see other posts that this one has common a few others.
  4. GearNut

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    Welcome from Kaliforgnia!
    The others here have allready answered your questions better than I could.
    Just wander around the site, checking out all the posts, and check out the vendor links too.
    There is a whole encyclopedia of invaluable information here!