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    hey all, the names dan.. i just bought a motor to put on my shcwinn occ stingray chopper. this is my first build and i am not mechanicaly incliend at all so this will be a fun test on my brain. my motor is a ZB-80S-BK, i know that someone on ebay sells the motor mount but i want to build my own since i have the welder and materials, the only problem is i dont know how to get the chain lined up does anyone have the specs on the offset i need for the mount so the chain clears the wide tire??

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    a)measure from centerline of engine (rear mount) to chain drive sprocket on engine,
    b)measure from centerline of frame to desired/needed chainline
    c)subtract a from b
    d)grind, weld, fabricate, to offset motor mount by value in c

    a striaghtedge (meter stick) attached to the sprocket on rear wheel will help to make the measurements

    good luck
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    if you can use a square and level you can weld or build anything level or line up chains,heck with a level and peice of string you can do your own front end alignment on your car.
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    thnx guys hope ill do ok im not good with measurements but i can use a level lol
  5. V 35

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    Here's a thought, measure from drive sprocket to center of rear engine mount.
    Bend stiff wire, or thin strapping, to measurement, bend a sharp 90 degree bend, and you have a mock up which can help clue you in. Minor alignment can be done by using washers on rear wheel. I've seen pre-fab OCC chopper kits, may end up best value, being a welder, you can improve them, without re-inventing the wheel . Sounds like a wild ride !