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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gen3Benz, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Gen3Benz

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    Never really ride bikes, but riding one with an engine sounds fun.
    So I have decided to motorize my walmart mongoose my gf bought me a few years ago.

    It's a full suspension xr-75 so it will have to be a rack mount.

    I scored an echo backpack leaf blower with a pb4600 2 stroke that I would like to make work. Got it running really good after my boss got fed up with it and gave it to me.

    Any suggestions on the most affordable way to get this bike running with this engine?

  2. Happy Valley

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    Howdy and welcome.
    Lots of ways to go about it, as you're soon to find out hehe.....but to specifically address your question, for starters put on a pot of coffee and check out this.
  3. Gen3Benz

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    Nice thread...lots of different drive methods...friction, chain, belt
    srdavo is the tinker king....2 jackshaft 3 chain powered by a chainsaw
    haggard has a nice rack mount build.