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    Just built me first bike with an 80 cc motor, I didnt have much hair when I started so dont have much to lose. I live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada and screwed up my chain by taking out the wrong link, now I need a new chain as this one is either too long or too


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    Welcome aboard.

    Yes, the chain can be a problem the first time around.

    One thing I did was to get two master links, spaced about a foot apart on the chain. The small length of chain in between is my "adjuster". I can add or shorten there without risking "going one link too far".
  3. Good solution bgw. Also you can switch to hd bicycle chain in a lot of cases. This allows you tou add and subtract links. There is a Motion Pro chain breaker that will put larger chain back together again (it's not designed to, but will).
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    Better quality chain

    Hey Jocko..welcome to Mbc from Eno in Oz..Mate go to your local "Chain Supplier" (for tractors / chainsaws etc) and get whats called in Oz a "Fenner Roller Chain" size 415 (S)..(S means motor bike quality). It fits the engine sprockets as it has the same pitch as the El Cheapo Chinese. It wont twist and so wont run off tensioners or sprockets and it wont break as it is a tougher gauge metal..I bought a ten foot length for $18 AU (enough for two chains) and the links were 33 cents each (order ten) dealers sell them for three times the price and they usually arenet as good quality as these..Any chain dealer knows the size 415 but make sure you ask for 415 (S)..good more chain flips / no more breaks / reliable ...See ya..Eno (Down Under)