New to carburetors PWK21 Hp (help)


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6:37 PM
Sep 26, 2022
Hey guys new to this forum!

I recently took up the hobby of building a bike and already have quite a few upgrades (mz pipe, high compression head, kinda-ported cyclinder)

Problem is the engine seems to 4 stroke at high rpms and i would like to upgrade to a new carburetor as well.

I am currently looking at the PWK21 32 mm High performance carburetor; which i would be pairing with a OZ 32mm reed valve. (The reed valve narrows to 19mm so it will fit) Would this combination also provide more HP?

- The problem is i do not know which jets to buy and what size and i am afraid to take guesses as i have spent too much on junk that cant be used :(

And if all else fails i may stick to buying the NT Speed carb as an upgrade

Thank you and sorry for asking so much for my first post haha :)